Saxon Brown - Two Pack

Saxon Brown - Two Pack
$58.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 2001 Zinfandel
1 2005 Syrah

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oooh////some more Saxon!

anyone tasted these yet?

…and mill got in first!

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I see the Sausage King of Chicago is in this week.

This Syrah looks Gros :wink:

Darn, I shouldn’t have hesitated - I’d have been first!

I can NOT afford this but I couldn’t resist somehow…

And another double offering week.

I’m in for one, sorry I missed this the first time it was offered. Love some Zin …

In for 2 =)

The 1999 and 2000 Santinamaria Zins were phenomenal. I can’t wait for the 2001. Haven’t had this Syrah.

In for three.

Seems shipping is the deal here.

2001 Santa Zin is $30.

2005 Flora Syrah is $32.

Whats wierd though is that the zin isn’t on thier order form.

it’s the american way!

probably pull the trigger on this before wednesday night

Wow, and here I was thinking I was the only New Mexico wooter.

I guess I’m going to have to order a couple, just to keep my state bright.

A double offering of Saxon Brown …
I am so afraid …

I shouldn’t be buying any wine right now. I’ve enrolled in a “boot camp”; I’m working out 5+ days per week & started a low glycemic diet (NO ALCOHOL) for 4 weeks. (I allow myself 1 glass of wine each Saturday night…) I’ve eliminated caffeine, sugar & wine from my diet in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

So someone please explain to me why “I’m in”!

one of the most expensive offerings I’ve seen … tempting still

bought 3 random bottles (2 Cameron Hughes Lot’s) at costco today … wish I had seen this first

Yeah and it hasn’t been on any of their wine club order forms, so not sure if that’s the current price or not. I’m sure Jeff or Tracey will be able to answer questions about availability.

EDIT: If those are the current prices though, would have been $3 cheaper for me to buy direct with the wine club discount. Oh well, WD: buy yourself something nice :slight_smile:

EDIT X2: For people reading these chronologically, Jeff responded: the 2001 is a library selection and is not yet available to even Wine Club members, it will be made available this fall for $45/bottle, less WC discount. So quite the deal, as usual.

For the record:

Saxon Brown - Two Pack
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