oh wow, this one is pretty cool!

It’s a pretty shirt and all, but sadly all that I can think about is the second panel and how it should be bigger to reflect the massive heatwave that’s been hitting the country.

All I see are multicolored fingernails. That’s a pretty talented manicurist.

Definite stage shirt. My band is doing a series of EPs called “Seasons”. Too perfect.

I ran two miles in 100+ heat… I don’t recommend that to anyone.

I LOVE this shirt, but why can’t the image be bigger?!?!?! GAH

Must’ve been a warm winter … no snow capped trees in the background.

Wait this isn’t the 4th place shirt.

Must’ve been a warm winter … no snow capped trees in the background.

Thank you for warning us about the secret alien invasion. We thought the changes were all natural.

Ramy clearly believes in global warming.

Search for “seasons wallpaper” on Google Images and the 1st page of results are this motif.

A hint for those not familiar with Ecclesiastes 3: It was also the inspiration for the Byrds’ song “Turn Turn, Turn”.

“Seasons in the Sun” is PERFECT for this shirt.

amazing shirt
in for 1

Awesome use of negative space! Love the ever green stretching across all the seasons!

Good gracious, she’s a beauty, but I will try and survive the next 24 hours, RESIST. lol
Or I could order a Large and launder it normally, but it may end up being too long. hahaha
Insanity, definition anyone?

Man, that El Niño is no joke!

Such a shirt! I can hardly wait till mine arrives. With a little luck, the heat index here in DC will be below 104 then.