Seiki TVs

Anyone have experienced with this brand of tv??

We never heard of them or have seen them. Step-father has Coby or Colby, they happen to work quite well. I was shocked. This, we have no idea. Sorry.

I have a 46" LED 1080p 120hz model. The exact model number escapes me at the moment. It works ok and has no bad pixels that I have seen. That’s where the good ends.
I bought mine last cyber monday at an amazing price, plus a $100 rebate. (I actually got the rebate with no hassle.)
My complaints are that it is bent, and the remote is very cheap feeling. Yes you heard me right, BENT. The frame around the screen is bowed in a few spots along both the top and side of the set. This is actually also causing the the display panel to be bent and there are distortions to the back-light and distracting reflections on the glossy screen. There was NO shipping damage to the box. It is my belief that the set was put in the box that way at the factory and that the store (not woot!) knew they were damaged hence the price and rebate. Warranty required shipping the unit back and looked like it would not have been worth my time and money to try to have it replaced. I do not have the text in front of me, but I kindof remember it having a cosmetic flaw waiver, so it felt like they would fight back with that. I did not contact them, so give them the benefit of the doubt here.

I have no review of the sound or built in tuner because it is hooked up only to my PS3 and Audio system. Aside from the bends, it does have a good sharp picture. I still feel it was a good deal, just not as great as I had thought at first. It is fine for a secondary T.V. where you don’t expect to have an excellent cinematic experience.

I have not price checked in a while to know if these are good deals or not, but I would not buy this brand again unless it was about half the price of the next feature competitive brand/model.

I been watching the 50 inch 4k tv on amazon for a while and I have rarely seen go above $999, this deal is 50 dollars cheaper than what I normally see it at.

Well, the 50" 4K is currently 965.99 on [u=]Amazon and has relatively good reviews.

The interesting question is: Amazon says “This item qualifies for the TV Low Price Guarantee and Free Shipping with Amazon Prime.” Does that mean they’ll match Woot’s price and tack on free shipping? If so, it would seem that Amazon would be the place to buy this, save yourself the shipping.

You would have to be a member of the Amazon Prime program to get the free shipping. If not, there is a 30 day trial, I believe.

According to the link listed, it looks to be free shipping for all. For free 2-day shipping, you have to be a member of Prime.

Regarding the 4K model, you might want to check out the following review. It appears the best match for this TV might be as a monitor in a very high end gaming rig.

It does seem to be difficult to find out much about Seiki other than the products are assembled by its affiliate Seiki Digitial and they have a location in California. There’s lots of speculation out there without much basis behind it.

Perhaps an authentic Seiki rep will chime in and share some info…

BTW, good luck with Coby support - I believe they recently shut their doors without much warning. Apparently customers had their equipment in for repair trapped. Since the brand does have recognition it will likely resurface under different ownership like so many brands these days. But good luck getting the new company to honor old warranties.

It might be worth your time if you’re looking for a cheap 4k for super high-end PC gaming. Otherwise there is no point in having a 4k TV yet. CNET has a review but I don’t know how much I trust them anymore.

yes I bought refurbished 40" from a large local retailer. I did not hook it up for a few weeks. When I did it worked great for 1 week and quit to much time had passed to return it.
Seikki has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I had to ship it to Michigan at my expense (ok) and was told there would be a replacement on the way back 2 days after they receive it. It has been gone for several weeks. Should have been back about Sept 6th.
If I ever get it back the warranty will be expired and they refused to extend it. Now when I call I’m on hold for 1/2 hour then routed to a message machine. it did work good for 1 week.

I bought a 40" last year on Cyber Monday for the bedroom. It came with 3 dead pixels. you only notice them when the screen is black and you really have to be lookng for them.

for the price I paid, 300.00 or something like that it was a good deal. Just the other day I was thinking “this TV has a pretty good picture” followed by “I wonder if it is going to break soon” The prices listed here do not scream deal to me. I would wait to purchase any electronics until Black Friday - Cyber Monday.

I believe these TV’s are made from panels and parts rejected by the larger brands. I would recommend this TV for a secondary unit.

Also the stands are very cheap, you deff would want to mount these.

I worked in an Electronics dept. a couple of years ago and sold a ton of these in the 32" range, only ever had like 2 come back. I asked return customers how they did and there were no complaints, and my folks and I each got one and there’s been no problems. I’m using a 32" as a monitor right now. It’s not a Samsung, but for these prices it’s not a hunk of junk either.

Edit: As a note, if you consider yourself a tv fanatic and know exactly what you want and what you’re looking for, these probably aren’t for you. If you don’t care about all the tech stuff or you’re looking to get an affordable upgrade from an old box tv, I would definitely recommend this.

I don’t know anything about Seiki’s customer support though, so I can’t confirm or deny a previous poster’s message, but if you’re worried at all, just get the square trade plan.

I purchased a 42" model from Tiger Direct a few years ago with a rebate and paid about $300.00 for it. I have it in my office and I have to tell you that the picture is right up there with the Vizios that I own (I have 6 Vizios). The picture is sharp and crisp. The only drawback is the sound is a bit tinny so I remedied that by adding a Vizio sound bar. For these prices I would highly recommend!

Seems like a lot of effort to save the $5 Woot! shipping

Seiki is coming out with a 65" 4k tv for $3k in case anyone’s interested Seiki launching its 65-inch 4K TV in December for $3,000 | Engadget

I work at Sears, and if I’m not mistaken, seiki is sears/kmart’s exclusive brand tv, similar to how insignia is bestbuy brand. I’m an electronics sales consultant, and I would urge you to avoid buying these tv’s. We have a ton of problems with them, which is why they are so cheap (you can probably get these prices at any location). Also, the quality is only decent, but I suppose that’s expected for the price.

Has anyone that has ordered one of these T.V.'s recieved theirs yet?

It’s going on 2 weeks and I’m not seeing any change in the shipping status…

I’ve never had such a shipping delay from woot! before. I’ve contacted customer support and they are looking into it, but I’m just curious if I’m the only one experiencing a shipping delay on the Seiki T.V.'s.

…I hope I’m not That special.

Bought mine 10/22, still no shipping info. Just sent an internet to the support team.