Sharper Image Digital Cooking Thermometer with Indicator

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Sharper Image Digital Cooking Thermometer with Indicator
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Maverick Digital Cooking Thermometer with Indicator

hellz ya, one step closer to cookin like alton brown

so if it breaks, you can just call…oh wait. Sharper Image is out of business.

I wish it had a longer cord…

Was waiting to see more Sharper image Karp here. RIP you crazy overpriced store.

Arent they coming back?

From the looks of it the thing appears to be able to receive rss feeds, take your blood pressure, stream your ipod playlist, and be a bluetooth speaker but then again everything that sharper image makes looks the part.

Can’t say I could find a use for this. I stick by my traditional method of when it starts to smell like burnt carpet its finished.

No, Chapter 11 man

What do Woot and Sharper Image have in common?

Neither accepted Sharper Image gift cards in the past year. Busturds…

How long is it? Did I miss something?

anyone find this on froogle?
it’s blanking for me

Thats just bankruptcy protection. Thought I read somewhere a few weeks back that they’re now just going to be an online store.

Anybody know what type of batteries this takes? AA would be good; not so good some obscure button battery that’s hard to find.

That my friend is funny stuff right there…

But Maverick IS still open for business.

Is this the kind of thermometer you leave in the meat while it is in the oven or do you have to pull the meat out of the oven in order to take the temperature?

If it is the latter (and it looks like it is), then what good is an overcook alarm? (“Warning: You have now ruined dinner. Proceed to the phone to order take-out”)

Also, it is difficult to write about hot meat without sounding like you are making innuendos.

Runs on 3 AAA batteries

acoording to kaboodle


I would think it’s the leave in type, and the display sits on the outside of the oven while the probe sticks in whatever your cooking connected by the wire that snakes through the door.

Otherwise it’s pretty much the dumbest product ever.

I just got one to use as an aquarium thermometer. Maybe it will notify me if my prize angelfish ever reach a rolling boil.