Sherpa Lined Fleece Hoodie

Bought this last year. It’s really boxy and rigid.

Are the sleeves sherpa lined too?

Was it still this way after you washed it?

You have to wash it?

No, the sleeves are not sherpa lined. They are fleece lined.

Bought one recently, they run small, get larger size.

Yeek - Sherpas are people. This is the proper attire when eating Soylent Green.

Soylent Green, YUMMMMMM

Is this men’s sizing?

Same question Are these for men as well or womens?

You can find the measurements for this in the Specs section.

seems a little thin but still pretty warm and a great deal for the price

Not really happy with this, just arrived last night and the sleeves are lined with some kind of windbreaker material, so the sherpa niceness is only in the torso part. Very uncomfortable and makes you sticky very quickly. Would not recommend. Going to try and see if I can cut that weird lining out because it feels like fleece underneath.

Incorrect, at least on the 2x size. They’re not fleece, it’s a windbreaker material that is supremely uncomfortable.

Nope, bur they ARE polyester lined.

I’ve only washed it once, but yes. By rigid I guess I mean it’s very angular? The angle of the stitching on the shoulder makes them almost stick out like points for me.

Mine is not 100% polyester as stated. The shell is 60% cotton.

why no xxl?

We’ve run out of those. Sorry.