Shirt Manufacturers / Sizing Question

Is there a way to tell if you’re going to get the Bella women’s fitted shirt vs the Port & Company women’s fitted shirt? I ordered 3 different shirts and two came on the Port & Company shirts and one came on Bella. The Bella one fit very poorly so I hoped that I had been sent non-fitted by mistake, but the replacement was the same.

If it’s a crapshoot which shirt you get, Woot should know they fit entirely differently. The Bella one was extremely unflattering to me where the Port & Company fit more like the old fitted shirts (although I had to change sizing from XL in the old fitted to M in the new fitted).

I appreciate woot customer service trying to get me the right shirt and not even asking me to send in the ones I didn’t want to keep. But I can’t keep buying shirts if there’s a 33% chance they just won’t fit :confused:

@Woot help me out here

There was an update to our Women’s fitted shirts in October. You can read about this here: UPDATE: Women's Fitted Fit Tees on Shirt.Woot!

As for when you will get Bella and when you will get Port and Co shirts. Classic fit is Port and Company and Fitted is Bella. As stated above, there has been a change in the Women’s fitted shirts and are no longer as fitted as they once were.

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Yeah I was aware that there was a change, I have been buying women’s fitted XL for years. Thanks for the info that port and company is classic. All of the shirts I ordered were fitted so I have no idea why two of them came classic but it worked out because they actually fit unlike the new fitted shirts which are terrible. Hope other people like them.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the “fitted” shirts fit terribly. Why bother having a fitted style that is both wider and shorter than the non-fitted style? I don’t think anyone was complaining that the original shirts didn’t fit because they were too long. On the contrary, other comments I’ve seen call out the unreasonable shortness of the shirts. But even if the length had remained unmodified, it still wouldn’t make sense to have a fitted shirt be wider than the non-fitted.

I find myself eyeing the kids’ sizing in the hopes of getting something that’s actually narrower than the non-fitted shirt. They’d certainly be too short, but if I had to choose between two shirts that are too short, I’d go with the one with an aspect ratio that makes sense in the context of a human torso, and that actually fits in an least one dimension.

In reality, I’ll forlornly choose to purchase nothing. Please bring back the old style so I can continue to amuse my kids, friends, coworkers, and random people I pass on the street - to whom I can plug Woot merchandise!

A month later but I figured out the non-fitted are actually better for me. I went from a women’s XL in fitted to a women’s medium in classic fit. Hope this helps you. Turns out Port and Company is the non-fitted and they just screwed up and sent the wrong ones since I had ordered all fitted (which should have been Bella, the terrible ones). They are both still way too short for my liking, though. I guess we should be thankful lowrider jeans are out of style currently…