SimpliSafe 7-Piece Home Security System

SimpliSafe 7-Piece Home Security System

does it integrate with alexa/google home ?

According to their website yes it does:

“Alexa, arm my system”

Use your system with Alexa,
Google Assistant, August Locks,
Apple Watch and more.

For professional monitoring it’ll cost you 50 cents a day. I have ring and their professional monitoring and it cost $100.00 per year which comes to 27 cents per day. It does integrate with Alexa, not sure about Google or Apple.


I can verify it does, to turn on the alarm or check its status. Alexa can’t turn off the alarm, of course. I don’t have an August lock. I have had the system for a number of years, and it works well. Pest control guy “tested” it a couple of weeks ago, I got all kinds of alerts from the entry and motion sensors, a call from the monitoring company, and was able to check out the situation with the camera (and told the monitoring company to NOT send the cops).

And oh yeah, best thing is NO contracts.

Today has 30% off + free camera. This setup rings up at 204.75 after the 30%, and the free camera is $99 normally. This system on woot with an added camera is going to cost 228.99.

I have the SS2 system (previous version to this one) and keep looking for a good deal on upgrading to this new incarnation. (The only part that works on both SS2 and SS3 is the camera; everything else needs to be upgraded.) Guess i’ll keep waiting.

FWIW, i do like the system i have. It’s very easy to install and set up. No contracts is great.

They updated it. Alexa can turn it off. She asks for a pin code now. Need to change it in the Alexa app. Happy New Year. I love mine!