Skil Isio 2-in-1 Shrub Trimmer and Grass Shear



■Blade Length: Trimmer: 4.33 in.
■Blade Width: Shear: 3.15 in.

Don’t get it…

Is this to sculpt chia pets?



Well, here’s the manufacturer’s website and the manual.


Too bad the trimmer blade is so short, I’ve been looking to buy a new shrub trimmer.


bought this in the last woot-off

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Lowest price on Amazon $40.


Again, what would the battery life per use be on this trimmer/shear?..


3.5 stars at Amazon


One of those previous wooting thingies.


$51 at Amazon


you can use this with just one hand. it’s dual wielding time again!


Bought one on the last WO. Just this week I used the grass trimmer part around my retaining walls and used the trimmer on some wayward shoots on some trees/shrubs. The battery held up for the whole 2 hours I used it and seemed like it would have kept on going if I hadn’t ran out of time to use it.


Hopefully, buying this will make my life easier when it comes to cutting the shrubs instead of holding a huge chainsaw.

And a reminder: Father’s Day is coming up!


Review at HomeFixated


I really can’t tell you what the battery life is; I bought this two woot-off’s ago and every time I’ve used it, I have ran out of things to trim before the battery died down. So far, I’d say 2hrs is easily achievable.

Also, this is surprising sharp and powerful - it has no problem cutting thru 3/8 sized branches.

If your on the fence of buying this, go for it!!! You will be very pleasantly surprised of how often you’ll use it.


This is great if you only have fingers on one hand. Or if you only need fingers on one hand. I need a new one but the one I have you need to have both hands on the device squeezing two triggers-- if one hand comes off it won’t work.
Just keep one hand behind your back if you use this so you don’t inadvertently snip off a finger. or two. These things scare me!


Can anyone comment on real-world performance?


Tempting, very tempting, but if I did by one the first time one of my kiddos is bad… “Go cut the grass in the yard with the grass shear, And I don’t care if it takes all day. In my day all we got was a pair of scissors. One for each hand.” Ha ha ha oh the fun I would have.


I’ve been kicking myself since the last woot-off for not buying this. All the grass around my fence and landscape walls need trimming and the line trimmer doesn’t get into those crooked spaces. All my sage, lavender, thyme and rosemary need a solid trim job. When done, maybe I’ll use it to trim my budget. Heh.

Thanks for all the positive reviews. In for one!


No sh*t - surely requiring two hands on the triggers is a deliberate safety feature of normal trimmers? I’d lose a hand to this thing in 5 minutes.

Having said that, it would save me running an extension cable across my lawn like a moron. In 4 1.