Soleus GO! Activity Tracker Fitness Band

Bought it months ago here, to see if I was ready to wear a watch again and to track my steps.

WOW what a piece of junk. Very inaccurate to my iPhone, others who I was with who had competitor brands, and even just the eye test. Then six weeks into it it cracked in the back, worked but meh. Also the app was garbage and didn’t work half the time.

The only saving grace to it was it’s accurate time keeping and very long battery life.

I bought mine here over 6 months ago and I’ve worn it every day since. Don’t know about absolute accuracy, but from what I’ve been able to tell, it gives me a pretty good idea of my relative activity levels. Very durable (I wear it gardening all the time), great battery life, and excellent timekeeping. Syncs great. Only real complaint is that the buttons are very stiff and small.

A piece of crap! This is my second one. First one lasted 4 months; current one lasted 2 months. Both have split in two!

Big Bang for buck. I have had for best part of year with no complaint. I don’t recommend but because I don’t have a big investment I wear in water aerobics daily. This activity tracker has a long life battery and does a lot for money.

Less than two months old as I was out of town for two weeks when the unit arrived. Worked great till just yesterday, now there is no BLE commutations. Reinstalled app and also put app on tablet still cannot be seen, called soleus…o boy that was a wake up. Need to send unit in on my dime for shipping and then they will see about repairing the unit if they feel it’s a warranty issue. Seems the electronics are a hit or miss on WOOT….some work for over a year, some don’t make it but a few months. Will send it in but from the feedback on the internet the product has quality issues.