Soleus Go! Fitness Band

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Soleus Go! Fitness Band
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Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

The most recent reviews posted on Amazon are not encouraging.

I bought a Soleus fitness band about 6 months ago and tied to get the charger to work. I was unsuccessful until today. I can see the battery symbol showing it is changing. That of course is necessary to get the thing to work. The ridge fits in the slot while the two contacts contact the 2 shiny metal circles.

Anyone know if it works with I phone 6?

I’ve been quite happy with my purchase of the Soleus fitness band. I purchased it from Woot some months ago and I wear it day and night.

What I love most has nothing to do with fitness, however. I love how it alerts me when I have a phone call or text message on my iPhone. No more missed calls and no more phone going off at an embarrassing time like the movies, that important meeting, church, etc. The Soleus vibrates to alert you when you have a text message or phone call and the screen lets you know if it is a text or phone call. Though initially the Soleus seemed to not reconnect the bluetooth when I left the phone, moved out of range and then back, but that problem has disappeared.

It also automatically tracks how many steps you take and translates that into how many miles you’ve walked which gives good insight into how much you’re moving around everyday. I’ve done 3 miles just going up and down the stairs in my 3 story plus basement house on a busy day.

It also tells time, the date and the weather. It estimates how many calories you’ve burned and how long and well you’ve slept. I paid $10 more than the current price and am very happy with my purchase. It does not come with great instructions, which proved a bit challenging, but once I went online for more detailed instructions, I’ve had no problems, including no problems with charging. A charge lasts over a week.

Amazon says it will work with iphone six. There is an Argus free ap that tracks your calories, steps, etc

Is the app for ipad free, and what’s it called?

Is this item sold out, I can’t put it in my cart?

pick a color first

I purchased one of these last time it was available and have been unable to get it to work. It appears to charge, shows that it’s charged up, but nothing happens. I checked the Soleus web page but couldn’t find any contact information. I took it with me when I visited my son, who is my technology “go to” guy, and he was not able to get it to work either. Very disappointing.

I had gotten a busted one in a B-O-C and checked out their facebook page to see if there was anyone else with the same “problem”. Mine charged to 100% then I hit both buttons to “wake it” and nothing happened. I put it back on the charger and it said there was only a 50% charge again.
There were A LOT of people posting about the same problem but the only response Soleus had was write us at I did get a fairly quick response. I just wanted to know what the “secret” issue was (since I knew a B-O-C item had no warranty). I was hoping they were just going to tell me how to crack it open and replace the battery. Nope, it was just defective which based on the comments seemed to be very common (not a good thing). They said I could either return it to the place I bought it for a replacement or refund or I could mail it to them (with I assume a copy of the receipt) to get a working one. I just thanked them and said I would return it from where I got it to not leave them hanging even though I actually did crack it open to check out the guts which there are hardly any of to check out the battery which is not replaceable :frowning: and then popped it back together and then tossed it in the garbage. With all the functions it would’ve been great had it worked which has me really tempted to get one at this price but it’s probably still a crap shoot whether you score a working one or one of the very many duds.

Update: At the last minute I caved, darn you Woot and your great prices - lol. Fingers crossed I get a working one :).

Update to that update: Just received it and this one charged right up and is working just fine - woohoo :). Happy Wooter here :slight_smile:

No mention of the lowly Windows phone :frowning:

I bought one back in March and have had very good luck with.

It is a bit tricky to get it charging, gotta get those pins lined up.

I haven’t worn it in the shower, but it has gotten soaked in the sink when doing dishes.

Once had one issue where it wouldn’t connect to my iPhone 6, but I just went into the bluetooth settings on my phone and had it forget the Soleus Go and then tried to pair it again.

Over all very happy with the product. Much better then the Nike Fuel.