Soleus Go! Fitness Band

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Soleus Go! Fitness Band
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4 Stars over at Best Buy

Will this Go! to get me something to eat as I’ve been as sick as a dog for the past several days? Go!

Let’s see if it works.

Go from garage band to fitness band in just 49.99 dollars!

Do yourself a favor and do not buy this product. I bought one from yelp about 6 months back, it always said it was 100% charged, did not track steps, and would not sync with Android or IPhone.

Company answered the first few questions, then when nothing worked they stopped responding to my emails and phone calls.

Save your time and money. You are better keeping a notebook and writing down each step you take daily…

Pretty mediocre according to hands on reviews from LiveScience. Not very comfortable, either.

Another 90 day wonder gadget.

The Super New GEE WOW! Smart Watch of today is next weeks Dollar Store Special.

This is at best a cheap prototype of something that one day may be something that could be useful. New and better models are entering the market place daily. But we are still a number of years away from developing the technology needed in a true Smart Watch.


Bought on the last time there was a flash sale. Tracks sleep great, but activity and motion is not increatably accurate. It said a walked 5 miles yesterday in my house, rather I was watching a basketball game and was clapping and cheering. Does a good job at notifiying me of calls and texts.

I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

I’ve had one for about six months. It’s OK, not great. Fitbit is a lot better, but more expensive. It doesn’t sync automatically like Fitbit. I have to restart bluetooth for every sync. It’s not web based, so it’s harder to share data across platforms. However, it does do the job if you don’t want to spend twice as much for a Fitbit.

I have this idea for a “fatness band.” It goes around your wrist but is not stretchy. If it gets too tight, you are getting fat.

Maybe Woot can bundle it with a Lytro?

I have had this one and a FitBit, both for a little over a year, and have to say I prefer the FitBit.

As someone else said, the Soleus is not so comfortable on your wrist. I found myself having to take it off any time I had to type on a keyboard or do something that required resting my wrist on a level surface. Which, of course, leads to forgetting to put it back on, which eventually makes it useless for using it as a tracker.

It syncs and charges via USB with the cable Soleus provides, but the connection is not well designed, making it hard to connect properly and maintain the connection. It slips off the two little ports too easily and is difficult to align and secure.

I was also super annoyed with the Go! buzzing on my wrist every time my phone was buzzing in my pocket with a message or call. I set up the Bluetooth connection to use the iOS app for looking at my data, but the default seems to be that it will also notify you of calls/msgs. I did not know that and it took me a while to figure out how to turn it off. The annoying vibration felt like those obnoxious buzzer things people use when pranking a handshake. Imagine sitting at your computer at work, productively typing away on something and the Go! regularly jolts you with a hard buzz on a wrist that is already sore from wearing the thing. Multiply that by all the apps for which you forgot to turn off notifications, and you get the picture.

Sleep tracking was good, but my habit at night is to remove any watches or wristbands and allow the skin on my wrist to breathe overnight. Since I have a memory foam mattress, setting it beside me in the bed to monitor motion for sleep cycles wasn’t an option, either.

The biggest advantage of the comparable FitBit over this device is that you can use it without the wristband and simply clip it to your pocket. The docking interface is more secure, and the app and online interface are better designed, too.

If you don’t want to spend $100 for the FitBit, this might be for you, but I’d advise waiting for the price to come down much more, or buy a $5 pedometer and track your own data in one of the zillions of free apps and sites out there that already do a great job of monitoring data for calories, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and more.

Bought two of these last time on woot. Happy with it so far. Great battery life ( only charged it once in two weeks and still have 60 % ), easy set up and nice app for I phone. I also like to be able to see text message or phone calls on my wrist without having to have my phone in my hand. Never had a health band before but would recommend based on my experience.

Here is a link to the Android app in the google play store. It has a 3.3 rating, which is kind of low for some thing that isn’t a fart app.
The iOS app has a 3.5 rating on itunes as well. It looks like they have some room for improvement.

I think that’s called a belt;)

Allow me to add to the chorus of “stay away” votes. I bought this after my fitbit was lost and they discontinued the model due to recall issues.

This thing is (comparitively) very difficult to use, charge and it looks and wears clunky. The software is just as bad.

I have this idea for a “fatness band.” It goes around your wrist but is not stretchy. If it gets too tight, you are getting fat.

Darn, there goes another million-dollar idea.

Got one of these here last month and it’s fine. I guess my wrist is in the ideal range for fit because I haven’t had any problems with comfort. I also move my arms a lot when not actually walking around and it doesn’t seem to track those movements as steps, which is good. My only problem is that I didn’t realize you need at least an iPhone 5 to sync it with the app, and I have an iPhone 4. But until I get a phone upgrade, it does enough by itself.

I have to admit my favorite feature is the vibration when I’ve been sitting still for too long, telling me to get up and move around. Could I set a timer on my phone, probably. But I like this.