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Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition [Refurbished] - $149.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sony PRS600 Digital eReader Touch Edition

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Hm, this is $200 new all over the Internets…

Are the batteries hard to replace?

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Top reviews verses kindle:

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I bought this the last time it was up, and love it. There is a slight glare sometimes, but I just tilt the reader slightly.

If your library has a digital library, you can check out epub ebooks for this reader. I don’t think you can do that on all of them.

For those who don’t like the Sony ebook store, Border’s is about to start selling ebooks for this reader (and their own version).

So does

I have been able to get new books immediately upon release through them.

To anyone looking at this take a look at the discussion forum for the Sony Reader Pocket Edition that was on Woot not to long ago.

Lots of people, and I mine LOTS, got defective units and some have gone through multiple RMA’s. These units may not be faulty but personally I wouldn’t risk it.

you charge it like an ipod. Through the usb on the computer, or you can buy a wall charger.

It seems to hold it’s battery life really well.

I recently nabbed the refurb PRS-300, which is one version down. Great reader, but there is a fairly large flaw with many of the screens where they fade a ton in direct sunlight. If you can risk that issue, this is an awesome deal. Generally this reader is 199, and I’ve not seen it lower than 180. The only negative it has as a reader in general is that the touch aspect makes the contrast a bit less vs non touch, and it can glare more as well.

Still, had I not just purchased the 300 (pocket edition), I’d hop all over this deal on the 600 (touch edition).

Either way, do your homework, make sure this has all of the features you need. I just need to be able to read, and not browse the web on e-ink. If you do, look at other readers. :slight_smile:

Have one of these. Love it.
Couple of points though. The touch screen reduces the contrast, so it is a bit harder to read than a Kindle. The touch screen also reflects lights back. Not too bad for reading outside, but requires some positioning if the sun moves in the reflection zone.

The software is getting better. It still locks up occasionally, and every once in a while I have problems syncing.

Batteries are hardwired, so no removing batteries. Also, no wireless, must connect to computer to download books. Reads PDF’s wonderfully.

I haven’t had had a single problem with mine.

//knocks on wood

May be worth going back and reading some comments about the Sony Pocket eBook reader sold here last month. A couple of bullet points:
-Calibre is a good alternative to the Sony software for managing ebooks.
-Many libraries offer ebooks for download (for a set period of time) at no cost. OverDrive is the major service to provide ebook checkouts
-Click on the photo to see what comes in the box and there is no A/C power charger. These are available for about $5 on eBay (non-OEM).
-More free classic ebooks than you can read in two lifetimes available at

I’d probably be all over this, but my girlfriend has one of the older Sony ereaders and it’s about to go back to them for a third exchange. It’s been nothing but headaches… really disappointing.

Great when it works, though…

Agreed, if I hadn’t bought that one then, and now I wish I hadn’t, I’d be all over this deal instead!

Amazon has it new in the box for around 200 so this seems like a fairly good deal.

80 reviews puts it at 3 and a 1/2 stars so it doesn’t scream phenomenal but it’s not a coaster either.

I’ve read and have personally experienced that the pocket reader doesn’t do well with pictures. It’ll appear to freeze, but will eventually work through it. Of all formats, I’ve found epub the friendliest. What issues did you have? Of all formats,

If you’re thinking about getting an eReader, do yourself the biggest favor of your life and get the Nook. Its perfect in every way an eReader should be and it runs Android. Fully open. No proprietary nonsense at all and not only can you check out books from the library, you can go to any Barnes and Nobel store and read any book in the store for free (on your Nook) and then purchase it if you would like to take it with you.

I got the Pocket one a bit back. I personally love it, and my unit seems fine. That said, I think I like it more than the Touch ones I’ve played with. Just simpler, though the biggest screen would be nice.