Sony DRX530UL External DVD±RW Drive


Welcome to the Sony DRX530UL topic for Tuesday August 31th 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Sony DRX530UL here.


Official Woot Price: $89.99


Official Woot Price: $89.99

Froogle: 136.95 + s&h.

info: 1.

Great deal, won’t last long.

Wow… someone upgraded their servers. There is no crazy slowdown like usual… unless you lost a lot of interest beacuse of last nights mishap, but I reaaaallly doubt it :slight_smile:

edit) Ok, looks like I just beat the rush, there is quite a bit of slowdown now


Meh pass till tommorow, first perhaps after I submit


sorry woot, not for me…
Man you guys are making me go broke!



damn i already have one of these well only 23.59 left till next item


first post…maybe

anyway, not TOO bad. it IS external. but you can get an internal for i think 40-50 after stupid MIR


awww. good deal, but i’ll hold back on it. :confused: now if it included a chance of getting a robosapien… :wink:


Froogle: $136.95 + s&h

WOOT!: $89.99 + 5s&h


Well not quite… the froogle price is new. This is a refurb.


Pretty good deal for the dual mode external, specially taking that it has USB 2.0 AND FireWire. Perfect for use at work and home since it carries nicely. If I hadn’t just gotten an external DVD burner recently, I’d be all over this one.


thanks and goodnight :shock: :roll:


Awesome price, if you EXCLUDE that it is refurbished. Lowest price for a NEW Sony is $133.00 on

I’ll pass as well…but if I had the money, I’d still buy it…

Night all…

BTW, what’s up with you guys always quoting Froogle? Pricewatch has ALWAYS been cheaper for almost everything I’ve ever looked for…


Awww, not this again. Bad Woot, bad! smacks Woot! with a rolled up newspaper and rubs its nose in this dvd burner


true. it’s not quite an insane deal. I want a toilet brush! :confused:


not a bad price cheapest I could find in a few quick searches online were $135-$140 price range for same one. Tempting but I hardly use my 4X burner as it is




$138 New 2day free shipping


I’ve had a Sony external CDR 12X Firewire for several years. I paid $99 refurbished and it’s worked great. I’d buy another Sony refurbished unit in a minute. Really considering this one.


Woo! I told myself when I started college, that as soon as my scholarship check came in, I’d treat myself to an external DVD burner (my laptop CD burner’s shot, hard to replace those).

No check yet, but damn, that’s a good deal.

Who am I kidding? I’m in for one.


omg - I am gay. Who the hell buys EXTERNAL drives anymore? Seriously. I’m losing faith in woot here…seems as if they’re just dusting off their shelves and getting rid of the gaudy items that compulsive shoppers or rednecks buy. Next woot better be good, I wanna buy somethin.