Soyo FreeStyler 500 Bluetooth Headset

great woot… price that can’t be beat… AND a pretty nice product too… check useful linkage for CSE links… i got a few.

Does this work with my mac?

i despise soyo.
owe me $80 in rebates!!

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I just realized the crossed out present logo means it is too late to get it by christmas. Smartpost and whatnot…

Can this be worn and spoken very loudly into around city blocks, trains and airports? Is this compatable with annoying people in small places?

Could be mistaken for a swastika from a distance…

Where is TEH wootcast?!!!

hmmmm …soyo…is it healthy?

Nice price… Froogle

Prefer Jabra. Never heard of a Soyo bluetooth ear piece. Always nice to be able to charge with a USB.

Any “REAL” opinions at this price ? Nice to always have a backup ear piece.

“hey, look at the homeless man mumbling to himself, oh wait, he’s talking on the phone.”

I want 3!!! One for each ear; and one for?..

ps3 compatible?

Failry bad reviews on amazon:

Woo Hooo I am in Hawaii so I get to Woot at 8 PM YAAAAA
Oh wait no thanks on this thing it looks like it is so tight on the ear that you ear will fall off

but where did the posts go??? to infinity and beyond?

Anyone used this headset with good results?

In for 3, and my first woot.

Signed up 2 weeks ago, glad to finally find something I like.

I just got my new company phone and it has bluetooth. It took just 18 months of begging. With my new SYNC in my Ford Edge, I am ready to join the double knotts. And to top it off, I WAS THE 1st buyer, after years of trying.