Sunbeam 1500 Watt Garment Steamer

Amazon’s selling this model for $86.04… looks like a steal.

I bought this last month, maybe the best thing I’ve ever purchased from woot!. Heats up in SECONDS, does a great job on my shirts. It’s worth the money!

I still think this is the best explanation of why your average woot user would like to have this :tongue: Different model but the advantages still apply.

It is definitely a steal. I bought this last time it came up on Woot and it’s been great. I’ved used it on dress pants, polos, t-shirts and khakis (not all at once, obviously) and they all straighten out nicely. Much easier than an iron.

For anybody who gets this and thinks it’s defective because it isn’t warming up: this should get to temp inside of 45 to 60 seconds. If it doesn’t, try reseating the water reservoir. The first time around, I had this problem. Even though it looked like the tank was fully in, nonetheless something apparently didn’t sit right. I took it out and put it back in and voila! I haven’t had any issues since.

So yeah, great buy. Go for it!

Hey TT! Did you get yours in? Was it worth the upgrade for the clips?

I haven’t unpacked it yet. :shy:

I was going to do it today but got sidetracked.

Found the thread from the last time this was up for sale:

It was actually 5 bucks more last time, so this is an awesome deal this time around.

Bleh! I didn’t pull the trigger last time. Every day when I hold my Tee at an angle to get the sleeves I wonder if I should get it :wink:

Let me know if either of you can get the clips to do anything useful. I wonder if I’m just using them wrong despite reading the manual. So far, all they’ve done is snap off at inopportune times and annoy me. I found it easier to just hold up the sleeves to steam them, albeit risking steam burns… Nor can I figure out how to properly use them to do pants, so I just fold it on the hanger and do a quarter at a time.

Do you think i will receive it in time to steam this dreass for tonight’s wedding?

I’m a bridesmaid. Again. Same dress, different wedding.

I have been wooting for years, and this is the first time I have felt the need to comment. If you wear clothes, BUY THIS.

I got one last time they were up and have not pulled out the iron since. The things I used to pass over in the closet due to wrinkles are back in rotation, even things with pleats. Easy to use, small footprint and a bargain.

I’m sure this one’s nice, but I got the Haan in a woot a while back, which is a Korean garment steamer, and it’s, by far, the most amazing steamer I have ever beheld. I bow deeply to it every morning. American ones now seem…insignificant.

funny thing is that amazon has a higher rating on the Sunbeam, lol. I like how the Haan looks though, glad you like it.

I’m in for one of these I don’t want an ironing board and I don’t want to bother ironing, and I have a lot of button-up work shirts that keep pissing me off when they come out of the wash wrinkly.

Now going back to hit the big button, and it’s cheaper now that I waited since last time! haha.

I am really debating this purchase. Last time I regretted not buying it, now it is even cheaper! My husband is very particular about how his clothes are ironed (wih good reason) and I can never seem to get all the wrinkles out, even with my expensive German made top quality iron. I really want to hit that big button…

Same here. I have no idea what I’m waiting for since most everyone has positive things to say about it…

This is my first steamer and it works really well. Heats up very quickly and gets wrinkles out super easy. I have a hard time with the clips and the included hanger though. They are kinda awkward, and the set of upper clips slide around the hanger, unless you’re using them in pants or something long. And I’ve burned myself once already. I think a review or previous post suggested getting a high heat glove to protect your hand. Even a thin cotton glove helps.

Anyway, my unwrinkled clothes look so much fresher that like another wooter I am taking out pieces I normally wouldn’because of the ironing factor. I’ve done my husbands shirts as well. Unless you’re going for starch it works well and is less hassle than pulling out the ironing board. I loathe that thing.

Everyone who hasn’t pulled the trigger totally should. I really like the steamer, although woot owes me 5$,haha.

I got this last time it was offered. I’ve seen them in the past and thought meh, I’ve got an iron. Now that I own one I’ll need to find a use for my iron, this thing is awesome, I’ve even done curtains with it.

In for one. Living in a apartment, I want to reduce space. I hope this does it.

I got the 1400 when it was offered last year and I’m not impressed. Plus it said it came with the hanger (like you see in this picture) but it didn’t so I have to hang things over the shower curtain to steam them! It also leaks water at the steam end if I try to steam something flat, like a new comforter already on the bed. I’m not sure if that’s a defect or just how they normally work - it’s annoying either way. Does this one do the same thing?