Sundance Kitchen Cart

Great cart, sturdy, fits together well.
It has, however, already worn divets in my linoleum - it’s been about a month.

Nice of them to offer black as an unavailable option.

And I was looking for a kitchen cart too…

They proally just had 1 and someone beat you to it. It was there when I first looked at it. I really want this item, but we have no room for it. :frowning:

I bought this cart the last time it was online. Really like the cart. Follow the instructions and you’ll have a nice, sturdy cart.


I love the red, I just have no room for it :frowning:

Probably right. Was just baffled by the 98% remaining and no Black as an option.

Bought this from Woot last time around and really like it. I got it in white and it’s pretty well built. Took a bit to put together, but wasnt too difficult. I’d recommend this based on the price range.

I really, really want this, but I a moving in 6 weeks, and buying HUGE FURNITURE is not a good idea.

It is if you know the dimensions of your new place already and can send things there! :slight_smile:

It was part of a woot sale “event” not too long ago. Black was sold out on that event before the end.

So, I have a white one. There are a few places the instructions could be more clear, but if you just think it through, it’s not too bad.

There are two different kinds of wheels, make sure you put the ones with the brakes on the front.

Just wait until the end to put the magnet catch on for the doors, you’ll put it on going the wrong direction the first time otherwise.

Wheels go on the outside of drawers.

All the "UP"s go in the same direction.

When you finish this, which side do you want the cabinet door on?

Put the leaf supports through the holes with the dowel-hole on the outside of the cabinet on the bottom THEN put in the dowel.