Sunset Tree



Sorry, but it looks horrible in my opinion :frowning: Wanted the 4th placer to win.


2nd chance sales begin the day after originally offered, for an extra $5. Available shirts are from current and prior week, plus the ten highest sellers of the remainders. Also see Day of Reckoning FAQ, and Wikipedia w00t.shirts
Current week:
3767 = Sunset Tree (Derby 5 Third Place)
3766 = The Organic Light Beam (Derby 5 Runner-up)
3764 = Jellyfishalicious (Derby 5 Winner)
3743 = Fire Swallower
3694 = GI Metro
3693 = Duct Tape Man
3689 = See-Sawlitude
Prior week:
3687 = BreakfasTopo (Derby 4 Winner)
3686 = Stereo From Above
3681 = Driving To Work
3680 = Pirate Trip
3677 = If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail
RSVP – Reckoning Survivors Very Purchasable:
01 Nobody’s Perfect
02 Chimpanzee Robusto
03 Sore Thumbs
04 Sea Chimp
05 Reality Isn’t For Everyone (Derby 3 Winner)
06 The Rustic
07 Unhappy Meeting (Derby 2 Co-winner)
08 Rat Rod
09 Threat Level: Doctorow
10 Snowmen In Heat (Derby 2 Co-winner)
…and also, until further notice…
shirt.w00t! Launch

RIP – Reckoned Into Perpetuity:
Hello Squidbucket! – Nerdy Laundry – American Samurai – Cube One (Derby 1 Winner) – Too Hungry – Scales & Bubbles – Sci-Fi Weenie Roast – Robot Service – The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer – Word Problem – This Here’s My Unicorn-Huntin’ Gun


The tree looks small.


I like the Shirt . I like the color ,I like the tree . Am I just really easy or what I am buying shirts like the world might run out of them .


Hm, well I like it. Im in for one.


2 green tees on a row!

ok this is disgusting!


I too wish the tree was a little bigger, but I’m in for one anyway.
Love the color.


Too small… nobody would be able to make it out.


it’s a fractal tree, not much to make out if you ask me


That’s no ordinary tree… that’s a FRACTAL tree!!!


That design is way to small, i would of purchased the phoenix.


can woot-staff comment: does this have improper placement/size like O Light Beam?
or is this ‘it’ correctly?

also, is this really printed on Kelly Green or on what’s shown?


Even when a woot staffer confirmed the placement for Organic Flashlight was higher up, the shirt image still had it super low. Looking forward to when these issues get taken care of.


Wow, I really wanted the jelly fish, phoenix and this one to win. I was sad to see the flashlight one getting second, but good job to every one of you just the same. Maybe they’ll have it at a later time, it was a really great design, the phoenix. I got the first and third place shirts for this derby.

This one is simple and thank you again woot for having good customer service. :slight_smile:

Yeah that was random, but it keeps me coming back…


I thought there were no shirts on weekends?!


YAY this one beat out phoenix!

My first shirt.woot! purchase.

I wish the tree/design were larger as it looks a bit small, but otherwise, I’m pretty psyched. Finally a design/colour combo I like!

Now hopefully a women’s small isn’t huge on me.


What’s with all the GREEEN? I don’t like green shirts, lol…


That women’s small will probably turn out to be too small for you… the AA chart is very small.


I’m 90 lbs/5’5" and a size 00?