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Hey y’all, one of the most annoying things for me is when I finish a show/movie and then see the millions of options from all the different streaming platforms and I feel overwhelmed, so I turn on American Dad and re-watch a show I’ve seen 100 times over. Well, hopefully y’all can help. As a community, I’m sure we watch a ton of different shows and have recommendations that me and others might find helpful. Please help me (and others) get out of the purgatory we call " Forever Scrolling" and write about your favorite shows and the reason we should watch!

Two rules: No Spoilers and no Half Spoilers. A half spoiler would be saying something like, “Oh, this has a great twist in the end…”

I’ll go first:
Show: Peaky Blinders
Site: Netflix
Why you should watch: It’s a gritty (and violent) take on 1920’s gang-life in England as you follow around the Peaky Blinders. Be prepared to turn on subtitles after a couple minutes as their cockney accents are difficult to understand.
Personal Rating: 9/10 BOC’s


On Amazon:

Sneaky Pete
Good Omens
Patriot (ended, but weird and worth binging)

I watch WAAAAYYY too much television and will probably come back and add more as I think of them, but these are the ones DH and I both agree are great!


I can’t stream…
I can only get satellite internet where I just moved.


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Ozark season 1 & 2 on Netflix. Its exactly how Woot operates.

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Just personal preference, but I tried to like Ozark and watched all of season 1 and will not continue to watch season 2.


There’s no hope for you. Stick to the Great British Bake-off.


Show: The Politician
Site: Netflix
Why you should watch: Wife kind of made me watch this because she’s a political science nerd. I ended up enjoying it for the musical components and satirical humor. It can get dark but it works through it with the characters. Looking forward to Season 2.
Personal Rating: 7.5/10 BOC’s (Only 1 Woot light works of the pair in BOC #8)

EDIT: Also, Gwyneth Paltrow is in it and I :heart: her so much.

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Sadly, it’s probably still faster than the internet at my old work. In 2016, 1Mbps DSL was the fastest offered. One.

  • It was located at the farthest limits of their switching station.
  • The business park a half block down with good service was actually in another city (jurisdiction), so they couldn’t cross the lines.
  • The residential neighborhood behind the power line easement were fine too, but it also was another city, so the lines also couldn’t be crossed.
  • There were only 6 businesses on side the street that was being served – aka very limited revenue. There was zero financial incentive to upgrade the lines.

Probably faster, but I only get 20GB a month. So browsing and paying bills is fine, but not much else. Between 2AM and 8AM we get an extra 50GB, so we turn off auto update on everything. The laptops have the time to update feature, but the android devices do not.

The speed is intermittent for sure. We tried a dedicated hotspot and could not get any internet.

We are 2 miles from a major highway, behind a golf course and a quarter mile from a county line road. The dot gov maps SAY that we have comcast, but they lie. I could not even get a quote from comcast as to their nearest pole and how much it would be to run it the rest of the way…

I wanted country living… By God, that’s what I got.

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If you’re getting reasonable cell signal outside, then the you might need to setup the hotspot up on the roof – kind of like what Seth had to do here:

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Order some of the Comcast cable line and get a ladder. Problem solved. Switch connections with the neighbors. Not that you want Comcast. They suck

You can also get cell phone reception repeaters to help boost the signal in the house, if that’s the issue.

I like Chicago pd/Chicago fire/Chicago med on Hulu or nbc. The director is dick wolf (law and order guy) so that’s an indicator that it’s pretty good. They are all very well written and interesting shows. They keep me watching every episode of every season

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NICE~! Yeah all the neighbors have verizon hotspots. Not great, but the resepctive companies are all paying for their phones/internets.

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If you are a public library member you can get
free. You can watch up to five movies a month.
Mostly classics, indie films and top documentaries.

Letterkenny on Hulu. It’s venacular and cadence will seep into your everyday discourse. @zachrusswoot, can I get a Texas sized 10-4 to that, good buddy? (When a friend asks for help, you help)

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Sneaky Pete
Petticoat Junction
Family Affair

CBS Subscription
Star Trek

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I finally watched Fleabag. It’s as good as they say.

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We actually get a little stream running through the lower pasture for a few months every winter. Does that count??

Also… Amazon-
Warehouse 13 is one we just started…

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