Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine - Two Pack

Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine - Two Pack
$129.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Tetra Red Wine, Napa Valley
1 2007 Tetra Red Wine, Napa Valley
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Why doesn’t this wine come in a Tetrapak??

OUCH! Now that’s a black tie offering. Time for a SIWBM.

Cuz you would need 2 black ties…

and $259.98 + $5 shipping

Ha! From Cathy Corison to Robert Parker: “STUNNING…the wine has superb purity, full bodied texture… richness and depth, and a finish that goes on for at least 40+ seconds.”

Oh, WD, your sense of irony slays me. And, if that weren’t enough: Secure an Allocation.

This is a huge outlay by WW standards. I’ll be interested to see the dialogue…

lol. Acidity is low… pH is nearly 4!.. I suspect this is a drink now or else wine!

Fairly new to this game and couldn’t pass up the last offer after reading rave reviews for quite a while. I don’t think iv’e ever tried wines in this price category and these appear to be bargain prices. I am interested to see what others with more experience than I have to say.

Well according to the site ( http://www.tetrawine.com/ ) you have to secure an allocation to get it. Kind of hard to judge the wootage, eh?

How dare you spill some of the wine just for the sake of the picture! Good lord, woot… tell me you at least lapped it up!

The picture of the spilled bottle looks like the wine equivalent of those trick spilled ice cream pints from Ben and Jerry’s.

Yikes! Well, to be a rat on this one would sure be fun! Need to learn more before clicking the big button…

So as Cathy said, buy half as much wine but spend twice as much…

Despite the “Allocation” it appears on winesearcher at numerous buying venues. Looks like retail on this one is ~$100/ea.

In for 3 yesterday makes it easy to reinstate the SIWBM. This is more than the double kronos deal… yikes.

“All the stuffings of a classic…” -A video review of the 2007 Tetra by Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibrary

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume these bottles would be worth sacrificing a few of our “finite” hepatocytes… it’s the budget that may be slightly more problematic.

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Two of my favorite wooters, up in the bright lights together.

Yeah, that 3.98 pH on the '06 is curious. The '07 is a more typical 3.64. Wonder why the vintages differ so much? Especially with nearly identical TAs.

Hopefully there is some participation–how is this different from other Napa luxury cuvees we’ve seen on Woot?

If my memory serves me correctly, this is the most expensive wine.woot yet.

Why does this retail for over $100 other than N…N…Napa?

That’s $10 of wine right there! j/k