The Art of Crap


The Art of Crap
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jan 21 to Thursday, Jan 22) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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At least I got to waiting list that time.

Well I guess trying to get BoC’s is now useless. I quit.

Hah! Ditto.

Woooo Hoooo Finally got one. Probably 'cause I’m still at work and everyone else has gone home.

at least this time i got denied instead of being accused of cheating.

Waiting list then denied

Ever so closer

Are they only selling a few at a time or what?

starting to feel hopeless

4th server error, #worthless


Interesting. Me thinks some people are beginning to get greedy.

Also, seriously Woot. Can you just go ahead and stop those Joined Today / First Woots from getting them?

With only 10 per batch, it’s kind of annoying seeing these people who will inevitably get their orders cancelled wasting it for the rest of us.

“This item cannot be shipped to AK…”


What the hell? Why did I get that it was not for sale yet? I was quick but I dont think I was that quick! I saw it, clicked and it kicks me out because I am too fast? Too fast cant buy, too slow, sold out. What am i doing wrong?

Jeebus… All the way to paying for it & got yanked. WTF?? I hate teasers.

waiting listed, argh

Accused of cheating.

Well, I’m getting closer each time.