The Whine Cellar

Finally…a place where we can all kvetch, moan and complain about everything that pisses us off about WOOT!, but we’re too pathetic to stop coming back.

Sure, I’ll start…

Why can’t the WOOTs be posted at 7:00 PM Eastern Time?
Why does Wonderstew continually win the p’chop contests and I continually suck?
Why don’t I have a fan club?

Why don’t we have a better thread to whine in?


Yammer Time, perhaps?


Why can’t we have the smilies back! Come on Woot , how hard is it? How do you spell it, it comes up both ways in the dictionary, smilies and smiley . How can it be both? Worse than grey and gray!

I think maybe the WOOT gods suffer from dyslexia and they think the similes, as well as the metaphors, are working just fine.

Why can’t we have avatars? and why can’t I join the m.wiseman fan club?

That’s the L.L. Cool m.wiseman fan club.

//sniffs the cork. Cisco vintage 1992.


When you click on a specific forum thread, why can’t it take you to the last page, last post instead of the first page, first post automatically?

Edit: I want to join the m.wiseman fan club as well. Do we get free Tigerbeat posters?

Heck, YEAH…

Uh, if you click on the spot by the last post (ie, the poster’s name), it takes you to just that spot.

acemom fans self
Wiseman, you little hottie, you!!!

Why, hello, Mom.

Gee, thanks, Mom. Been growin’ this moustache for nearly 3 months now.

Sweet, huh?

Can I join, too?

Of course, poof. Uh, got something to whine about?

Uh…uh… hangs head Guess not. Sorry. I’ll leave now.

Why can’t you whine about having nothing to whine about? I would.
That picture is scary!

Wait, wait! You are actually whining over the fact you have nothing to whine about!

What’s the deal, d’wanna? You don’t like guys with glasses?