Ty Caton 2009 TyTanium - Two Pack

Ty Caton 2009 TyTanium - Two Pack
$69.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 Ty Caton 2009 TyTanium
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This looks like one that will need a few years in the cellar.

Always love everything I’ve tried from Ty, but never had the pleasure of the fabled TyTanium. I shall correct that oversight shortly.

Love Ty’s wine, and especially the TyTanium. Anyone have any experience or notes on the '09?

TyTanium = buying frenzy first, comments later.

WW is bringing out the big guns today


our own richardhod has a note on the cellartracker link above:

This isn’t guns.woot, this is wine.woot! :slight_smile:

Oh, man, we loved this stuff (albeit of a different vintage) at the tasting room, but I just couldn’t spend $80/bottle on it. With the mark-down and the shipping, this is a no-brainer, in for 1.

And, yes, I think this will need to cellar for 3 years, minimum, but I’ll make the space.

Ty, any idea on drinking window?

figgin 80 dollars a bottle on their site…huuuuuge bargain

2009 was a pretty bad vintage in Sonoma for a lot of wines because of the rainy season starting early. I wonder if Ty harvested his grapes before the rain started on Oct 13th or after?

Now this (and at this price) is a most definite auto-buy for me! In for 3, cuz I need to share with a couple people. :slight_smile:
I passed on the Corison…definitely not passing on this one.

Thanks Ty and WD. This is an instant buy for my son and I. PA liquor stores sometimes have it for $36, but that’s if I want to drive from OH to PA. I’d rather have it delivered to the door. In for two sets.

I’m pretty positive that was from a tasting he did at Ty’s tasting room. So I would also take than into account. This is a wine that not only would need some cellaring, but probably also some decanting. And I doubt that would have been done at the tasting room. Plus, it’s probably also better with a meal.

I totally agree, and I went in for one myself. I like the sound of the blend as well.

This morning I woke up, went in for 3 on the Corison, and happily put my credit card away vowing that it would be my only woot-off purchase. Now, TyTanium. This is quickly becoming a very expensive day…

In for 3!


For once PA state stores have a competitive price, but it’s the 2008. Available for $36.99.

So, I guess I have to get one of these.


I prefer to not use blanket statements like that, because some growers will treat their grapes differently than others, so when one grape does have a bad year, one next to it or in a different area might not.

The 2009 is a good wine. I would say it needs far more than 3 years of cellaring. TyTanium is a big, oaky beast. I tried the 2009 a few months ago in the tasting room, and although the blend is a little different this year, it’s not all that different on the palate.