Ty Caton 2009 TyTanium - Two Pack

So tempting, but so young.

Ty Caton 2009 TyTanium - Two Pack
$69.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 Ty Caton 2009 TyTanium
CT link above

Winery website

Is this the Caton Ty that everyone here raves about?

So is it any good? Hows the QPR too?? Details… I all I hear on other posts is Ty Caton this Ty Caton that…. :slight_smile:

$80 on their website… per bottle.


Yes, it is…This is Ty’s Top Shelf…$80 a bottle at the winery…

How does this compare to the Wellington victory that got this woot-off going?

my fave wine of all time - tytanium…
stocked up on the '06 2 years ago & still have a few bottles or I’d be in (not to mention i bought the woot-label ty caton 6pk offered a week or so ago).
NEVER had a bad bottle of Ty Caton wines.

Winery website has it for $80 per bottle. Helluva deal, but after yesterday’s purchases of the mixed reds, I must resist to save my pocketbook.

According to their site, $80 per bottle.

I’ve never tried this wine aged enough to have a very strong opinion, but it’s much better than his other reds imho. and the young tasting I had in March of this was admittedly tasty, though not yet integrated, but I had no way of telling if it was going to become amazing. It’ll need some cellaring for at least a couple of years, if not a few more. It’s modern international fruit-forward style, but it does have balancing acidity, and wooters do rave about the fruit and its tastiness.

Still, I can get some pretty serious 1er Cru Bordeaux for this price…

Patience has been rewarded! The Spies had this a little while ago and I passed. Last week Ty had a 50% off sale but shipping was prohibitive. Now today we get a better price and $5 shipping. In for two.


I slept through the Wellington Victory, unfortunately… picked it up last time it was offered, and popped one bottle so far… it was extremely good. Have not tried TyTanium before, but it would have to be 2x better than Ty’s Red (which I have) to equal Victory, IMO.

I have exactly the same question.
How do they differ in quality?

first time I bought tytanium (maybe 4 years ago)it was around $20/bottle here, $45 retail.
Last time I paid $35/bottle (and it was around $75 retail - 2 years ago)
This is a great deal for a wine that just keeps getting better. I swear they put crack in this stuff - it’s euphoria-inducing.

Very tempted, but the CT reviews uniformly pan this one… Like another, never had a Ty wine yet, and would prefer to start out with one that will keep me coming back. Thoughts?

Went in for 2 , 1 set for me, one for a co-worker. looking forward to trying it in a year or two :smiley:

Yummy!!! I just bought half a case through wine spies but this is tooo good a deal!

Not a native English speaker here. What is meant by “panning?”

On a more direct note, does anyone have any kind of credible review of Ty 2009?

the woot fans haven’t put their reviews up! If you like European style wines, this isn’t for you, but a lot of american palates like this. Ty does smooth, silky deep fruited wines, but without the edge of the more traditional makers like, say, Wellington and his Victory. It’s a matter of what you like (and some like both!)

Different kinds of wine! Depends on your philosophy and tastes, as suggested above

At the budget end or the market of their wines, here’s how I characterise the differences between the Caton style and the Wellington style: Racchus 08 v Duke 8