United Tastes of America

Looks delicious! congrats rodrigo!

So that’s where all our money went. Some fool done went and buried it under the whole country.

Aww. Where are Puerto Rico, Guam, and all of the other commonwealths and territories?

Hawaii shouldn’t be reduced to a mere ketchup stain… I lived there for 4 years and it’s so much more than that!

syllables…letters…who’s paying attention?

Does this prove that Manifest Destiny was just the pioneers’ desire to “supersize it”?

This gives another meaning to continental breakfast…

Uh oh. California isn’t really covered by the bun. It looks like it could slide right off the burger into the t-shirt background abyss.

I’m loving the fact that Alaska is made out of French-- sorry, my mistake-- “Freedom Fries”.

This shirt furthers the myth that Alaska is an island just off America’s coast.

That is NOT going to be enough ketchup.

What no bacon?


The shirt color should be cola brown. Can’t have a burger and fries without the soda.

Bothers me that it’s one continuous piece of lettuce

What in the world happened to Michigan…

This is SO sick, yet so true. 63% of Americans are considered overweight, and 26% are obese.

I’m confused about what happened to Michigan…and its upper peninsula…

Looks deep fried. I suspect fair food. Wear this while getting your post nation funnel cake.