Vino Family 2005 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack

Vino Family 2005 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Don Vino Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Napa Valley
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Winery website

Hmmm… Says it was in oak, but no stats on what kind(s) nor if it is new oak. Anyone have an idea?

Wow, Minnesota is not on the magic list - it’s extremely rare when we’re excluded…

No love for Iowa either.

I think Napa cab is competing with Ausssie Shiraz for the most gluttonous wine market.

Courtesy of CJ:

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Heck, I’m in for one… Need a nice casual drinking cab, and I have had great luck with '05 Napa/Sonoma reds.

The recording up top says 18 months in French and American oak but no specifics beyond that.

The website only mentions French oak though:,%20P.Price1

TY for reminding me about the audio message! This s is an interesting one for sure… I wonder if the Coppola winery has ever had an issue with this winery? :wink:

Looks like high ABV with a hint of RS. This might be competing with Aussie Shiraz in more ways than one!

On the flip side, .38 g/100 mL RS isn’t really off-dry. But is above detection threshold. And 15.39% ABV probably is an honest number. There is little doubt many 14.5% wines are utilizing the 1% labeling variance in the downward direction.

I’m not sure, but I think Mama may be proud of the wine. :wink:

The recording is certainly unpretentious, as is the winery website (did you click “links”?), but as I can find very little information on the web about the winery or the wines, I feel “in the dark” about this offering.

The recording also said it will drink well now, but would it benefit from some cellaring? How tannic is it, and how fruit-forward? What about the fermentations? How complex is it?

I’m certainly intrigued by the price. A bottle goes for $35 on their website.

I certainly hope we hear from the winery, and it would be awesome if someone here has tried this (even the 2004).

I have no dog in the hunt but for $2.33 more (x 4 for free shipping) I’d roll with the '05 Kunde Reserve up now on wtso dot com…

Just an FYI… Of the three Kunde Cabs that came w/ the previous Woot deal, the '05 Drummond Vineyard seemed to be the best, followed by the '07 Cab, with the '05 Reserve Cab - being offered now at WTSO - coming in last. Not that it wasn’t good, but that seemed to be the general consensus. However I too will be passing on this offer. I am really over-stocked on wine and heavy on Cabs.

This is clearly (15.39% alcohol!?!?!, relatively high pH) not a wine made in the style that rpm would find enjoyable, interesting, or potentially age-worthy. A wine that will undoubted please those who like that sort of thing.

this is a no for me…would never buy something like this without tasting first…looks too goofy

Hey! Connecticut is having an event this coming Saturday!

rpm +1

I thought this was going to be a woot-cellar wine at first glance…