Vintage Soylent Green

Happy birthday, shirt.woot! And exactly 9 years ago was also a geekfactor12 shirt - Sore Thumbs!

Cool fun facts!!!

It’s PEOPLE!!!

Soylent Green…It IS people! Who make Soylent green so goooood!

People? Oh what a relief, I thought it was made from soy and lentils.

Tastes like anything you add to it!

I can’t pass this up. In for three!!

Greetings, Staff Members/Wizards of Woot;

I love reading the tee shirt descriptions, but at the moment I can’t. The description reminds me of an old movie called “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” except that this time, it’s “Honey, I shrunk the Letters.”

The print is ant-sized and seems to be grey rather than black. I tried copying it to notepad to read, but it didn’t work. I think somebody on Woot goofed…?

(By the way, GeekFactor, congratulations on your win!:))

I think it’s part of the joke–it’s supposed to look like a Facebook post. You should be able to zoom in.


Perhaps you are right. Even when I tried zooming in though, I still found it difficult to read.

If that’s a typical example of what FB posts look like, I’m glad I’m not a FB member. :slight_smile:

Whoa, that is an awesome stat! I had no idea, so thanks for posting :smiley:

Debut day sales for the $10k: 710

I want this in a Hoodie!

Winter IS coming… :wink:

Has anybody had any problems with significant fading? I really liked the shirt, but after two washes its faded a LOT. This is my shirt and another I’m keeping for a gift. I know its supposed to look distressed, but its approaching illegible. Woot customer service was very good about the whole thing, but I’m trying to figure out if there was a problem with my run and I should get another shirt, or if its all of this shirt.

I got one of these shirts in Kelly green when they were offered on Facebook. I have received a lot of comments on the shirt, but I have one problem. The secondary lettering is a pale green and almost unreadable on the green shirt. Obviously the best color for the shirt is green, but the lack of contrast in lettering make it hard to read…or even hard to see there is additional text beyond the “Enjoy Soylent Green”. A design error, but if you want a readable shirt…choose a color other than green

That being said, the Facebook (TeeChip) shirt was $21.99. If I had gotten this shirt for $10, maybe I would let the hard to read lettering slide.

Shirt.woot does NOT sell on facebook. You bought a knockoff from a design thief :frowning: – that’s why it didn’t come out well.