VIZIO 42" 1080p LED TV w/Apps & Wi-Fi

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Good review(s) from Digital Trends

[MOD: May be some differences. That’s E420i-A0; ours is E420i-A1.]

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Lots of good reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I have previously ordered THIS exact TV, as well as the 32" version through Woot. Both have gone back. Both had the same problem: not receiving the signal from the controller. I did try to program a universal remote to confirm it was the eye on the TV, and not defective controllers. As you can imagine, when the controller does not work, this TV becomes neutered and NONE of the “Smart” options are available. In fact, the 42" I could never take off “Store” mode because of the controller issue. THe 32" worked well for about a week, then got progressively worse to the point the volume NEVER worked, and the other buttons only seldom.

I know people extremely happy with Vizio. These were the only two I’ve ever bought, and that’s enough for me.

On the positive side, returns through Woot are extremely easy, just remember…KEEP THE EFFING BOX! My ‘bad’ Vizios got returned in a Panasonic and Toshiba box, respectively. I find that extremely humorous.

Believe I bought this exact TV a month ago, off one of the side deals that woot had. I needed it to replace an old Plasma TV that was running netflix via an otherwise unused Wii.

The good - Price, function, weight (very light and easy to maneuver).

The bad - its slow. The TV tests my patience with Amazon and Netflix apps starting up and turning the damn thing on.

The picture is great (i had to do quite a bit of tuning out of the box to get it to match my Sony) but for the price you can’t touch this device. It’s more like the 1980’s Ford Fiesta - simple, does the job well, but isn’t going to move very fast. I would definitely buy another.

I believe I bought this exact same tv about a year and a half ago for about $550 at Costco. My husband and I both love it! Yes, the apps are sort of slow but it’s been very reliable. The picture is great and remote and tv are easy to use. For this price, you probably can’t do better. I’ve never had a refurb so I’m not sure about that…

Where can I find the definition of “factory reconditioned” at techWoot? Seems to mean different things at different companies.