VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT SoundBar w/ Wireless Sub

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VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT SoundBar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, May 30 to Wednesday, Jun 04) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4/23/2014 - $199.99 - 30 comment(s)

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Plenty of reviews, pictures, and two videos over at They are selling the system new for $219.00 + free ship. Either way - Woot or Costco - it is a great deal!

Own this system and it sounds great! Bluetooth is easy to setup and the use of simple white LEDs for indicators on the front is a nice touch over some of the excessive displays other soundbars might use. Don’t lose that remote though…may be a little more difficult to operate without it.

One important note is that the rear satellite speakers are NOT wireless and connect via RCA cable (noted in the specs) to the wireless sub. May want to take this into consideration depending on your room setup and what you had planned to do with this system.

Bought one at Costco last week for $219.00 after listening to one in the store. Sounded better than more expensive units on display. I do wonder why there are so many of these on Woot though

I think it fair to say that Costco has the far better deal. First of all, theirs is not a refurb, so it will come with the standard 1 year warranty. If you take woot!'s price and add Square Trade’s 1 year warranty for $31.99, it comes to $231.98.

Also, if your local Costco carries stock, it probably costs even less than the aforementioned $219.

I hate to say it woot!, but I think your pencil coulda/shoulda been sharper on this deal. Costco’s got you beat hands down on this one, IMO.

If this is a sound Bar, shouldn’t it serve drinks?

Thank you. That’s as far as I needed to read.

I bought one of these on Woot’s sale last month. I’d been tracking the new ones on Amazon and was hoping for a sale. The refurbished one that I got from Woot was defective. The center sound bar kept dropping its audio channel, no matter whether I was hooked into it by bluetooth or by optical-in cable. Gently picking up the bar would often kick the audio back in, suggesting to me that something was wrong with the wiring. There’s only a 30 day warranty on this refurbished unit, keep in mind, so I called Vizio, and quickly got escalated to a level 2 tech, who agreed that the unit was defective. They shipped out a second refurbished unit to me, free of charge. This one works great, and I’m really happy with it. None of this changed my opinion of the unit - I just wrote to say to keep an ear open for any oddities in your sound quality, as you’ll only have 30 days to swap the unit out.

Same experience here. Only my optical input works. It doesn’t bother me as much since I don’t need surround for the news (the only TV I watch) plugged into the digital input. Still, I probably need to call Vizio…probably too late now.

Other than that, the surround sound is fantastic for my bedroom. Not quite the 7.1 in my basement but perfect for smaller spaces.

I posted a number of replies in the previous sale for this item here if you’re interested in my experiences.

For the most part I’ve had really good luck with this unit and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I have a factory reconditioned unit like the one being sold and have had zero problems with it. Of course that won’t be the case for everyone, and you shouldn’t expect that my idea of a quality product will equate to your idea of a quality product. That said, I’ve had really good luck with all of the Vizio products I own and I recommend them to my friends. For what it is worth.

I didn’t realize it at first, but I really like that the surround speakers are connected to wireless sub-woofer. That will allow me to place it appropriately in the room without burdensome wires to deal with.

I’m sold, but not sure if I want the refurb here, or go with a new unit…

I got this from woot! about a month ago, i LOVE it, i recommended it to friend and they’re buying it today from woot! mine came nicely packaged and works great, i’ve only tried the optical audio but if nothing else works i don’t care. My brother got the sony soundbar with sub and the vizio blows it out of the water, this has great bass and great sound, and the real surround sound put it above ANY sound bar on the market that tries to simulate surround sound. The rear speakers do connect with the sub but the wires are long enough that you won’t have any problems running them behind the couch. You will be very happy with this

It appears the rear speakers may not fit most speaker stands. Has anyone found speaker stands that accommodates the Vizio rear speaker screw pattern?

Unquestionably the flexibility that the wireless bass module provides was the selling point for me. I was fortunate enough to buy a house that had speaker wire running through the walls in my basement for the surround, so I don’t deal with it down there, but in my family room this unit provided me a true 5.1 experience in a small form factor. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the factory reconditioned unit I got. Someone above indicated that if you have a Costco around you can get a new unit for a little bit more. Just as an FYI. Either way, I recommend the unit for its flexibility and versatility. It would be nice if it had an HDMI input, but all things considered, that’s a nitpick rather than a con.

Do the speaker stands you have not have screws that you can switch in and out? Interchangeable, I mean? I just have mine sitting on some tables that I have in my family room, but I can see how you would want to have them set up on the stands you already own. Also, you if you’re concerned about that, it may be possible to get a reducer from your local home improvement store, if the threads need to be smaller, but the speakers would stick out further from your stands that way. And if all else fails, use duct tape.

The Atlantic Scientific sold on Amazon will fit the rear speakers. I have this system (which is amazing) and those are the stands I bought. You need to use the mounting hardware that comes with the surrond system for the speaker stands and it’ll work just fine. I highly recommend this system. I bought mine new at Costco for $219 and couldn’t be happier with the way it performs.

I too bought one from costco last week for $219. It is currently on sale at costco until June 1st. Then it goes up by $60.

The soundboard sounds way better than I expected. The volume gets really loud with no distortion.

You are able to separately adjust the Bass, treble, surround balance, surround volume, subwoofer volume, center channel volume, and even turn surround off/on and night mode.

The rear speakers are not wireless, they connect to the subwoofer which IS wireless. This makes for a great setup in a room that is impossible to run wires from front to back. I placed the subwoofer next to my sofa and the rear speakers to the sub.

They include a paper template to help wall mount the bar. You also get brackets to mount the rear surround speakers flat against the wall, however they are as basic as it gets that don’t articulate.

Also included in the box was an optical cable. Keep in mind I bought this at costco and I cannot confirm woot’s refurb includes all parts (wall mounts / template).

I can confirm that the optical cable came with my refurb. Just wanted to confirm that. Otherwise, this was a quality post. On point throughout.