VIZIO Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Sub

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VIZIO Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Sub
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Good reviews at Walmart


4.5 stars at Amazon and is the #1 selling sound bar over there. I think I’m sold for 59.00 bucks less…

Will my existing vizio tv remote work with this? I don’t want another remote!!

Mine did. I don’t even need the soundbar remote because my Vizio remote picks it right up. I did need to disable the built-in speakers in my TV though to avoid sound replication.

BTW, I’m VERY happy w/the sound quality of this setup. Sounds better than the $200+ systems I compared it to at BestButt and Costco.

Unless you want to throw away $99, don’t buy this POS. Vizio products are simply sub par and they won’t even support the products sold at Woot. Been there done that. They claim they sold these to Amazon, not Woot and deny any warranty claims. Bad products to begin with and even worse customer service.

I previously bought the refurbished 5.1 version with rear speakers and am very happy with the quality of sound.

We got this for my brother for Christmas. Setup was extremely easy; it paired instantly with my phone over bluetooth. The sound was amazing. I really wasn’t expecting it to sound that good for a 2.1 system. For $100, this is a great deal.

I’m in for one. been watching this for a while now finally decided to get one.

I second that motion !! They sound good while they last, but went through 2 in 6 months on refurb and Vizio does nothing to help

I have a similar 4 speaker Vizio soundbar on a Samsung TV and unless I disable the soundbar’s Eco feature and just leave the SB on all the time, the TV/Cable remote control won’t turn the thing back on each time.

Doesn’t sound like a real issue but if using two remotes each time you turn the TV on or, just leaving the SB on all the time is pain for you just know about it.

If I had a Vizio TV and Remote control it might not be an issue, turning this thing on with a Direct TV remote doesn’t work either unless after you do, you hit volume up or down.

I think it’s worth mentioning that in our current age of technological advancement, one can use one’s smartphone for just about any electronics remote. I use mine for my soundbar, multiple tv’s, a 10+ year old sony sound system, etc. One needs only to download the app (I use “Quick Remote”)

Except the majority of smartphones don’t have IR transmitters…

I purchased this model from Amazon a few months back and I’m very happy with it. The sound quality for TV and for Bluetooth music from my tablet is outstanding. I have a Vizio LEDTV as well so my cable remote controls both. For the price it’s well worth the buy.

Damn, I just bought that Pyle (all in one) unit on Amazon with the blinding blue back-lit LED two weeks ago.

Woot, could you please send me this for free and I will donate the Pyle to a homeless person, or “National Deaf Socieity.” They can feel Pyle’s awesome bass or sell it for that sweet sweet crack.

Similar story for me. Bought the thing and the subwoofer wouldn’t pair from the start. The product description on Woot says FACTORY refurbished, which indicates to me that Vizio themselves fixed it, but they’re saying it was repaired by a third party so they won’t honor the warranty. I’m trying to go through Woot’s support system, but regardless of whether I end up getting a replacement, I’ll never buy another Vizio product again. Their support system didn’t even show Woot as a supported seller according to the rep I spoke to. Maybe Woot needs to rethink selling anything from these clowns if they’re just going to brush off support issues for their products like this.

I’m very sorry for the problem. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Explain what you’ve tried and what happened.

Add me to the list of people who ended up with crap. My last vizio sound bar worked well for me so I took the plunge with this one so replace the old sound bar which did not have a subwoofer. Unfortunately 45 days after I got it it died. Vizio said sorry, out of warranty you gotta pay to fix it. I should have know that this was crap when they only offered a 30 day warranty