Vizio VX20L 20-inch LCD HDTV

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Vizio VX20L 20" LCD HDTV
$239.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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  • 1 Vizio VX20L 20” LCD HDTV

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I’m finally back from vacation! Woot!!!

I have work in 6 hours, what the WOOT am I still doing up?!?

Google Product Search Minimum Price $259.95

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $424.35 (ebay)

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $470

Manufacturer Page

i got the links… useful linkage has all the comparison links… vizio’s commercials all up on the radio these days… must be good… turns out to be a nicely solid woot… definitely… so don’t trip.

I bought a used 35" Toshiba TV today for $70…

I waited, in order to see for woot somewhat in such a way. Forwards I wanted, years received however had not the time or had not the money to buy to it at the time.

Does someone know, if the present agreement is the best price for this individual TV? The characteristics seem very nice, but I would like to guarantee that I receive it at few the expensive price.

seriously? i can get a 22" for under 300 NEW

not too great…

a little better then dell refurbished for the same size

Why list certain types of outputs if there are zero of them?

I personally hate buying LCD tvs. So I get very worried more so with refurbs. Have yet to have a bad experience with buying a product from woot, But even still I worry about dead pixels. (Same post from MB)

You have to worry as with on-line purchase, shipping service, return.

Smells like dead pixels to me
Just bought a 32" JVC on clearance yesterday so I’m out.

Kind of funny, I was actually discussing buying an LCD HDTV with a friend today. If I had the money, I would probably buy this, except for the size. 20" isn’t that large, and I’m looking for something a lot bigger, around 40+", like the $700 ones they sold a week or so ago. I’m also going to definitely buy one that is new. I don’t want any issues with it, because I’ll be spending a lot on it. Ah well.

Again, as I have discussed before, 700:1 contrast ratio does not mean anything, especially on an LCD TV. Contrast ratios are obtained by non-standardized tests with who knows what variables, and don’t really matter that much. Main things you need to look at are brightness and color palette.

As for this model, 450 cd/m2 isn’t a bad amount. On LCD’s the backlight is scattered more, so it’s a more even brightness, and appears brighter to the human eye. In a nutshell, this means that it is better than, say, a projection TV with the same brightness measurement.

8-bit color coloring isn’t the best, but it’s pretty standard, and you shouldn’t miss anything, if you’re just a normal TV watcher. If you want something better like 10-bit or “Deep Color” for intense gaming/movies, you’ll have to pay more. ($700+ for 10-bit, and $4k+ for Deep Color).

Contrast Ratio: 700:1


not a good deal.

You can get a new one for $20 more…

Nice price 399 from their website.

I am very pleased with my Vizio 37" LCD and 50" Plasma, I highly recommend this brand. Also the Vizio 42" plasma was an editors pick for PC Magazine. A very good buy.

Edit: I also have friends who have bought them, none of them have seen any dead pixels.

Not bad, but a bit too small to make me wanna get it…g’night yall.

I saw that brand at Walmart today while looking for a TV.
The looked good.

20" ? Awwwww, so cute!!

Vizio is good [enough] stuff; I have a 32" of theirs. They get good reviews for being best “bang for the buck” alot of times.

There is no standard unless its ANSI lumens. 700:1 means nothing.