Vornado V6 Flippi Fan - 2 Pack

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Vornado V6 Flippi Fan - 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator

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Great to beat the heat

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edit: oops - I could have had a v8!

Anyone know how noisy these fans are?

There are several differences that set the vornado fans above other fans…

check the youtube video i just linked for the noise level

Random question: How “whisper quiet” is “whisper quiet”? I work at a very quiet office…

Vornado products are the best… I bought one of the floor fans off woot a while back, and it keeps going strong. I leave it on all the time, for the cool factor, but also for a white noise effect… it drowns out annoying outside disturbances. These would be good for that too, I suppose.

I bought these the last time, I’d say that in lo mode it is pretty darn whisper quite, barely even noticeable. However in high mode it’s fairly loud. One thing to remember is that these rotate too, I didn’t realize that when I got them and had to figure out what a certain button did lol. That’s really nice.

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In for three. Texans, don’t forget your TAXSUCKS coupon code for free shipping!

well if thats the case try the dyson air

Not exactly “whisper” quiet… The Zippi is more what you’d want there. Though all the Vornado fans seem to be good quality if you’re looking for one.

I bought one of the other Vornado desktop fans a while back and have been very pleased. I bought two sets of these as you can never have too many! Vornado makes great fans that have been reliable and useful for me.

Got these last time. Cannot adjust speed one handed as the switch is on the bottom and needs enough force to turn it over if done one handed. Low speed is not too bad but high is loud. Moves a decent amount of air for its size.

the cats cannot put their paws on this model…that is either good or bad…

They had me at “vortex action”.

I got the raspberry one last year on a Woot Off. I love it. My wife keeps it in the baby room for the “white noise” and to cool it off at night since it faces West and gets a lot of sun. I was going to put it behind my CPU tower if she didn’t like it, but never got that chance. I’ll probably pick up some black ones this time for the computer area…

I bought these from the last woot - they are amazing. crazy quiet, you can barely hear them working. they move air like nobody’s business. i already have two of this model and a midsized one, and i’m buying two more right now: one for my wife for her office, and another one just for a spare in case we travel or something.

Seriously you guys, i’ve had a lot of fans, and Vornado makes pretty much the best ones i’ve ever used.