Wall Control Pegboard Tool Storage Kit

**Item: **Wall Control Pegboard Tool Storage Kit
Price: $79.99
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in for 2, been waiting for these to come back

I wish I had a garage so I could have this. My laundry ‘closet’ also hosts my tools.

Why not just buy your own pegboard at home depot? It’s like 10x cheaper. They even sell the things to hang on it.

Found the same product at Home Depot for $116, so this is a great deal. There are also two five star reviews.


Specs say 9" deep?

It says it supports standard 1/4" peg accessories, does that include multi-peg tools with a standard 1" spacing?

20-gauge steel construction with galvanized finish

Will the pegs still work if you wanted to mount the panels 90 degrees from what is shown?

I bought one of these last time it came up on woot, though it was the smaller 2 panel version. Finally got it installed last week in the basement. It was super easy to install once I found the studs in the wall, and it’s far studier than the fiber peg board in my garage. The slotted fasteners are more secure than the standard peg accessories, but you’re going to need more if you want to utilize all of your space. I was able to hang a heavy hammer drill, 24" crescent wrench and a bunch of other tools without issue.

I’m tempted to order this to fill more empty space on my basement wall, now to convince myself I don’t NEED it.

My only issue with the unit was that the bin hanger wasn’t included with more order, so the 3 hanging bins are just sitting on the workbench nearby lonely and sad they can’t join the party.

so is this:

2/3 the size for less than 1/2 the price.
so you could buy two of the ones from HD, end up w/ a 64x32 board area for only $70

what am I missing?

I think all the accessories for hanging tools. They are not cheap either. That is about the only thing I can think of that you are “Missing.”

(1) 9-Inch Shelf Assembly
(1) 6-Inch Shelf Assembly
(3) Plastic Hanging Bins with Bin Hanger
(1) Screwdriver Holder
(1) Hammer Holder
Assortment of (20) Additional Hooks and Brackets
Mounting Hardware

Missed the last deal. I’m in for two. I’ll probably add some panels, so thanks for the homedespot link.

Any reason why this couldn’t be mounted on concrete block wall? I live in ‘hurricane country’

I’m sure you could mount these to cinder block or concrete wall with TapCon screws (the blue ones). But it will leave no back room for the pegs to go through - so you might have to install with spacers.

No spacers will be required. The flange around the edge of the panel will space it away from any flat surface. Just use the Tapcon or any other good concrete anchor.

May be a problem if you have a stucco wall finish.

TapCon 1x4 boards to the concrete, then hang this and/or anything else (shelf brackets) you need to them. That’a how i did my shop.

9" deep is for the included shelf.