WEN 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

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I bought this here several months ago. It was delivered promptly in good shape. Out of the box, I followed instructions and it started easily and ran well. It performs as expected and is very quiet. Very pleased with it.

After a TON of research, it really gets down to a couple of things. Reliability and how it affects your future.

Personally, why let China get more of your money. Look for a Made In America product.

Generac iQ2000 Inverter Portable Generator this is a Made in America unit that has an excellent track record.

I DO NOT work for Generac.

At some point, this generation has to look to its’ own future.

I agree to a point, but at more than twice the cost of the Wen, I would expect the features the IQ2000 offers. The Wen is literally half the cost.

I have one of these Wen 56200i generators and it’s been very reliable, but I don’t use it much. Mostly for backup and the occasional need for power in the middle of nowhere. Here in Iowa we do have ethanol-free gas available which is highly recommended for any generator not used continuously.

Just bought one from woot a few months ago, used it once for two hours to run a battery charger and block heater to get a bulldozer going. The generator worked great and was quiet.

I did find that if you overload the power output it has to be turned off and on again to reset the overload protection.


Just to clarify, Generac cites that it’s “Built in the USA using domestic and foreign parts.” Which components come from where, I do not know.

In no way am I discounting that there’s American labor involved either; I buy USA wherever feasible too, hence why most of my shirts come from shirt.woot (AA option).