WEN GN400i Open Frame Inverter Generator

WEN GN400i Open Frame Inverter Generator

Needs big orange “this runs on gas, cannot return” box.

Edit - It’s there now.

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I’d rather this have a NEMA 6-15R than a TT-30R. (Same 3.6kW max output for each receptacle, but 240V/15A vs 120V/30A.)

Your case may be different than mine, but I don’t have any 240V device that only uses 15A. My AC, dryer, and stove all need higher current. I like the 120V- only design for generators under 5kW because load balancing is a little easier.

Yes, but you can backfeed both legs of your house at the same time and bring back everything but that stuff you don’t need (high current luxury items) during an outage.

This is the reason why I haven’t bought an inverter generator that can only do 120 V. I did consider going into my panel though and jumpering together a two pole breaker, only to be closed during a backfeed if I wanted both legs heated up together. I would need to make sure all other two pole breakers are open though.

A good price for a 3500W generator. My 3500W Harbor Freight non-inverter weighs 50% more. This will be a lot noisier than a Honda or newer Harbor Freight inverter design.

There’s more than just outlet types that allow a generator to put out 240V.

You’re just not going to find a 240V inverter generator at this price point.