Which Way to Bacon Town?

This brought out one heck of a laugh, pretty sure it came from the bacon zone.

Reminds me of a cookbook my grandmother handed down, full of detailed maps of how to chop things. But this is probably more amusing, if not as helpful.

Where’s the Canadian Bacon, eh?

But where do the Beggin’ Strips come from?

Tasty and educational!

Canadian pigs obviously.

Man, if you are going to have a Bacon T, you need to have Bacon Glutton sized shirts.


Everything I know about meat anatomy, I learned from Woot shirts.

I Love bacon, but I also love all the other pig parts. I get the joke but this shirt’s not for me.
Bacon jokes are so 2011 anyways.

mmmm bacon…the sweet taste of blasphemy

once i tried bacon, i knew i would never have a kosher diet again

I don’t know about Bacon Town, but Bacon Level, Alabama is just west of the Georgia border…mmmm good.

Actually, sometimes bacon does come from the cheek.

I’m tempted to buy this and wear it when I teach Hebrew School… I’ve been there a few years, they probably won’t fire me on the spot, right?

I’ve had guanciale, which is pork cheek bacon. Delicious, by the way.

I just put a giant “Bacon Free Zone” in the crockpot for pulled pork tomorrow!!

Maybe it’s a sign!!

If it’s a reform congregation, you’re good. :wink:

My friend has the exhaustive guide to cuts of meat shirt. I’m totally going to wear this along side of him.

I adore this design. It would make a great apron; too bad it’s not being offered as one in this week’s side sale.

I almost called this “Pigs are Indifferent to Bacophilia”, but I feel the expression on his face communicates that adequately.