Who did this? And what is an appropriate come back?

I have a feeling this is either @wajeremy, or @R0naIdRayGun

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Send ticks to both of them.

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Just say “no” to WootDew.


Omg I might have to borrow this idea next April - pranks on the fools day.

Retribution should be a slow, long game… when least expected but not posted widely here. Think smaller than “Weird Science” popcorn in the house but bigger than subscribing them to an awkward magazine or “month-of-the-???-club

Punish the whole office. Stop wearing deodorant.

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Whats up with the bag on the white board?

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It’s a bag of C•ck Soup. What else is there to know?

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It’s instant soup.

Looks like Ikea Effektiv cabinets there on the left.


I can never tell which ones are Ticks and which ones are Tacs in that Tick & Tac candy box. They all look the same to me. Must be some American joke that is lost for me.

That’s what I thought at first and then realized the chair was locked to the computer monitor.

Looks like y’all got Dwighted. Well done, Woot Jim.

wootdw or Woot Data Warehouse
It’s where they store all the wooter purchase and forum behavior data so they can build OLAP cubes, dashboards, and perform trend analyses that will inform data-driven decisions on how to take advantage of their customers in the most efficient ways possible.

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LOL OLAP cubes. What is this, 2008?

Also we aren’t that smart. Or efficient. It’s mostly to put together reports to make our parent company think we know what we’re doing.

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Sure. It could be something like that.
But they’ve put their name on monkeys, pillows, wired mice, chip clips, ink pens, post it-notes, snuggies, board games, novelty lights, USB sticks, etc etc. I don’t think marketing a carbonated banana flavored beverage is too far out.

I’ve seen Ozark on Netflix.
Woot is just the strip club from season one.

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Also wine and coffee… you may be right.

Announcer: Savor the Flavor of WootDEW!
(90’s rock riff)
Billy: It’s like a banana got drunk on champagne and puked in my mouth!
Announcer: WootDEW: Get it IN you!

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Is Vaseline under the car door handle a bridge too far? Mixing cayenne pepper into the Vaseline before placing in under the door handle is probably right out… right?

Whats up with the bag on the white board?

I saw what you did.


No matter the flavor its sure to dissapoint!