Wine Storage Cabinet

Is home.woot having an identity crisis? Two wine items in a row?

Has home.woot turned into wine.woot?

I’m not big on wine, but need a home bar. Will this work for just storing say…liquor bottles?

Help a single man in need of some class!!!

$159.99 tonight.

$199.00, 3.8 stars, 6 reviews

$210.59, 4.3 stars, 13 reviews

4 reviews, $199, 4.5 stars

“Construction: Solid and engineered wood construction”

I sense the latter is a fancier term for the dreaded p-word - particle. That’s not to say that the material is automatically bad, as there are various grades and it is dimensionally stable in all 3 directions (unlike plywood), but don’t expect this to be heirloom quality either.

I dont see why it wont work. As long as your liquor bottles fit within the dimensions of the individual slots, then it will work just fine. :slight_smile:

Storing corked liqour bottles on the side can lead to “corking” and an off flavor. Spirits should be stored upright.

Yes, it will work for liquor bottles. Not for Benedictine or other very wide bottles, though. The top will also fit various items like glasses, a flower vase, or perhaps a potted plant. These types of objects like flat surfaces. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stolen from whatsamattaU’s link:

TMS Wine Storage Cabinet in Black - 48810BLK 36" H x 36-61.125" W x 11" D 80 lbs

Eighty pounds woot?! 20% off AND 5 dollar shipping? You’ve really lost your marbles this time.

I’m sure you could hold bottles in the side cabinets, but wouldn’t suggest storing open bottles in the center. Some would be too wide, and it would look awkward. Besides, people don’t buy wine for themselves, they do it to impress their fancy friends.


(sorry, the full strip was too big for the frame to show, link above to his website–please don’t hurt me, Mr. Breathed)

Good night!

I find it ironic that although home.woot is selling a wine cabinet, Wine.woot is selling cheese and not wine.

Will this thing hold cheese as well?

You gave Mr. Breathed full credit so I think you’re good.

What does the back of the cabinet look like? Is it finished?

Could this be used as an “island” because all sides are finished, or does it need to be up against a wall?

You’re speaking only for corked spirits, right? Plastic or aluminum caps should be okay.

Okay, fellow wooters, I want to be sure you all took note of “assembly required”. Having had several dismal experiences with such items, I want to caution you to be prepared. Some people seem to be gifted on these types of assemblies…and others are evidentaly related to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, uh, jeez… I’m thinking I ended up on the wine.woot! B exit ramp, instead of the wine.woot! A exit ramp… Oh well, guess I will keep on spinning 'tween the ramps and exits…

It really helps if you put wine bottles in the designated compartments…

Unfortunately, most liquor bottles don’t have the best caps. Storing them horizontally after they are opened is not recommended. Now, if you are they type that doesn’t open the bottle unless you plan to kill the whole thing that night, then this will work fine for you !