Wireless Driveway Alarm (Your Choice)

Wireless Driveway Alarm (Your Choice)

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I’ll pass

Thanks for sharing. :roll_eyes:

More WOOT junk.

I bought one of these the last time it was offered. While it has a couple of redeeming qualities (it’s loud and it shows you which sensor was tripped), each of the first 3 zones have a fixed sound (meaning you can change it) and the 4th zone you can change the sound, but every sound is a song except for the doorbell sound. I don’t need Jingle Bells or all of Fur Elise playing when someone comes up my drive. Additionally, one sensor is approximately 250 ft from the receiver with one exterior wall and one interior wall in between, but the receiver will not receive the signal from the sensor.

Should have read the reviews before buying this piece of CRAP! The first thing I noticed is the ball joint to hold up the sensor is too loose, so you can not angle them at a 90 degree or any other position they just point down at 45 degrees, so that is useless. The second thing, I should have read the fine print for it did not come with a DC power cord even though it advertises AC/DC so you would assume it would come with the power cord, but NOPE! So score another win for WOOT for scamming me out of my money!

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