Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend (5)

Woot Cellars Phat Goose 2011 Red Blend 5-Pack
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend, Central Coast
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My tasting notes:
Purple color, smells fruity, a little candy maybe some spice. Not too complex.
Tastes fruity and kind of grapey, baking spice, some oak, hint of sweetness, low tannin, not hot. Light to medium bodied. Short finish.
Simple but tasty. I think this would pair with a variety of foods and is ready to drink now.

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Strangely, I have a bottle of this. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where it came from – it’s so hard to keep track of so many bottles, you know? Here are SWMBO’s and my notes:

PnP at cellar temp:
Me: pretty, diaphanous, magenta color. Pretty closed nose, a bit of red fruit is barely peeking through. Palate has thin flavor. Tannins and acid, neither of which are very strong, are out of balance. Front and mid-palates are pretty hollow.
SWMBO: “I really like it.” She says the tannins are mild which she likes. She describes it as smooth.

After about an hour:
Me: much more expressive nose – nothing complex, but certainly fruit coming through. Palate is much fuller. The wine is far more balanced with the tannins and acid, which (to my disappointment) have both almost completely disappeared. The finish is really short. The wine is sweeter (not sugar/RS sweet). It shows berries and that’s about it. If this wine is in the $9-$12 price point, I think it’s a nice daily drinker, although I’m not sure I’d grab this over a CdR (which range from $10-$16).
SWMBO: she says sweet berry (without knowing I said the same thing). SWMBO likes it although, when forced to compare, a bit less compared to the PnP. She feels the tannins more now (I think because they don’t spike at the end only; they’re more present throughout the entire palate, although not really strong for my palate). She’s guessing this wine would be around $15.

All in all, not a flawed, bad, or un-enjoyable wine. Simple, not tannic or acidic (perhaps not the most food friendly wine, although for a light chicken dish, it’d work). It’s competing with CdR and other domestic GSM blends. I’m guessing (since I don’t know the price yet) that it would beat most, if not all, domestic GSMs but I’m not sure it stands up to a village-level CdR. For me, it’s drinkable, although not exciting. SWMBO would pay $15, but not more. I’m not sure I’d pay more than $10-$12, but in that range, it’s better than what you could find in the grocery store. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that most of us who have been around long enough to taste multiple woot cellars offers agree that a year does wonders for woot cellars reds.

As always, I’m around. Questions, comments, insults, compliments, or cash donations are all welcome.

Anyone want to split the offering? I’m in Ithaca, NY

No interest in the wine, but that label is cool. Someone should work with shirt.woot when you’re doing woot cellars offers and send a shirt along with each pack sold and offer them as a shirt to anyone else.

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I recently had the opportunity to sample the 2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose bottled by our friends at Hahn Family Wines. Wanting to see how it may evolve over a couple days, I pulled the cork and immediately decanted half into an empty 375ml bottle, topped it with Ar, immediately re-corked and back into the chiller. About 4 oz. of the remaining went into a glass and the ~1/2 empty 750 was re-corked without the aid of Ar. and also went back to the chiller.

Visually this appears dark ruby to purple of a very young wine.


Day 1

Pop-n-pour; pretty tight, I’ll come back in an hour or two after it’s warmed a bit.

Generally closed nose, perhaps a bit of cherry cola, berry fruit and a slight herbaceousness.

Definitely dry and crisp, and tasting a bit hot, not sure if it’s the 14.5ABV, or could just be a bit of acid, or even the pepper of the syrah showing. Some fruit mid palate, with tannins showing up in a medium finish.

Paired this up with what was already planned for supper; grilled fillet topped with blue cheese, sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and potato slices broiled with EVOO salt and pepper. Didn’t feel that this was the greatest matchup. While it held up, it just didn’t complement the meal, and perhaps that asparagus was responsible for a slight metallic note in the finish.

Day 2

Tasting with neutral crackers and water…
Two 6 oz. pours;
For the 375 capped with Ar, it showed identical to day one.
For the ½ bottle 750, after an hour in the glass;
Same the same general impressions as day one, somewhat closed, but the berry and cola remain and dominate.

It’s calmed down a bit, the entry is fruitier with a hint of sweetness, still has the fruit in the mid palate, but the finish is a bit more tart and the tannins are still there.

Paired with supper of ham and three bean soup, garden salad, warm bread with garlic olive oil and balsamic dip. A much better match-up this evening.

On to some fun drinking, some hard cheeses, goat, sheep and cow, a chunk of Point Reyes Original Blue and some tapenade with crackers. Either this is working better, or I’ve already had too much to drink. You’ll have to decide on that.

At $12 it’s pretty much drinking right at it’s price point.
I’m hoping this may age into a well integrated woot! wine, say in a year or two.


They have made shirts twice. Once was Polyphemus (the shirt was actually pretty cool) and Albino Rhino (the shirt sucked).

its a 2011 so I think your right. Its not meant to really age at this price point but it may not really be at its peak either. I usually give woot cellars reds some time in the cellar before starting to open them up, usually 6-12 months.

Some recent woot cellars like the fruit bomber is meant to drink now though and I don’t think it will ever change for the better.

Snuck into the sneak preview for this wine and bootlegged some tasting notes.

In the glass: Deep ruby, almost violet. Medium, closely spaced legs.

On the nose: Bright fruit. Candied cherry, raspberry, boysenberry and a hint of oak.

On the palate: Fruit is darker and a little more subdued than on the nose, oak is more prominent. Good acidity with mild tannins on the short/medium finish.

Not especially complex but well integrated and paired wonderfully with some Malley’s milk chocolate.
I don’t think this wine will benefit much from aging, it’s more of a “drink now” wine but could be cellared for 2-3 years as well.

All in all a very tasty wine with great QPR for approx. $13/bottle shipped. Just what you would expect from Hahn Family Wines (and Woot! Cellars)!

So I happened to have a bottle of this wine. Can’t say where I got it but it’s pretty good. Not complex but drank well for the 5 hours it took me to finish the bottle. Yes, I finished the bottle by myself. :slight_smile:

So upon opening, not a lot of heat. I got black cherries on the nose right away. Got cherries and leather on the first sip. Not a long finish. No heat on the nose.

Even throughout the night, it didn’t really evolve or change. Just stayed the same. At least that was my impression. I liked it.

Hubby said he could drink this. He’s not a wine drinker at all. Easy drinking and I picked up 10 bottles of it. I really liked it for this price point and the label is awesome!!!

Definitely not complex and not ageable but drinkable.

I recall washing me car with the albino rhino shirt.

I had the same problem, it kept saying that it couldn’t find the page so after 3-4 tries, I clicked on the picture to go to the details page and bought it from there.

The Woot Cellars Blitzen from TY Canton just keeps getting better and better, and it cost a little less. So I don’t know if price really has much to do with it when it’s a woot cellars.

PHAT Goose

57% Grenache, 39% Syrah, 4% Mourvedre

Parker Wine Rating scale score: 88 (Very Good)

It is a deep velvet ruby, with thick, prominent drip legs. Not much heat on the tongue, but using a normal Syrah glass I did notice the alcohol at 14.5%. Tasted using a normal Cab glass and a normal (larger) Syrah glass, both cut rim.

Nose of berry and spice; light to light-medium body; low to medium smooth tannins; full rich palate starts with blackberry and raspberry; medium finish.

I give it an 88 score on the Parker scale.

GSM’s are not normally my favorites, but this one is acceptable.

More in a bit after I drink some more.

Edit 1: I expect this to be better after another 6 to 12 months in the bottle, probably a little less, since it’s a 2011 and from Hahn.

I wanted to see my name in lights!!! Is that too much to ask for??? :tongue:

A friend of a friend gave me this wine a litte while back and it just so happened that I opened it this weekend.

Note from myself and SWMBO:

Phat Goose
Pop and pour

Color: clear ruby red, not densely pigmented

His: brandied strawberries, raspberries, a hint of forest floor and some heat.

Hers: bright cherry, raspberry, marzipan. A little something green.

His: raspberries and black cherries. A bit of very fine tannin and a medium almond finish. Decent concentration. Very good acid leaves you wanting more. Tuesday night+ wine

Hers: cherries and strawberries. A note of dried fig and hints of vanilla and hazelnut. Tastes juicy without being overly commercial. Relatively short but mouthwatering finish.

A day later:

His: Strangely almost identical in most respects. Perhaps a bit more bramble on the nose and a touch of bitterness on the palate. I liked it better the first day but not by much.

This is overall a fairly simple wine (as are most at this price point.) I did like the moutwattering aspect to it and that it begged for another sip. I like it at this price point but would find $20 to be too much.

Is this the annual woot holiday wine?