Woot Cellars Phat Goose (5) w/ Gift Bags



Woot Cellars 2011 Phat Goose 5-Pack with 4 Wine.Woot Gift Bags
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend, Central Coast
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now - is this any good? :wink:


What? I got 2 sets of this wine a week ago and no gift bags. Spent the weekend looking for the right gift bags. Oh well my recipients will just have to live without the official Woot gift bags…


Same price, but with 4 free gift bags. Score


2011 Phat Goose


Color: Magenta, medium color concentration.
Nose: Sweet blueberry, blackberry and sweet spice; cardamon and star anise.
Palate: Ripe raspberry, cherry and plum. Some of the sweet spice from the nose carries to the finish. Very light tannin.

30 minutes in, the nose is similar but has gained intensity.

1 hour in, a floral aspect appeared in the nose. Rose or lavender.

I enjoyed this wine with Chinese food; spicy shrimp and broccoli, sweet and sour pork, fried shrimp and chicken chow mein. The ripeness of the wine paired very well with the spiciness of the shrimp. The acidity definitely cut through the fatty food, no problem. A great food wine!


I really enjoyed this wine. It’s a nice, easy-drinking GSM. Click on the previous offer link in Cesare’s post for lots of tasting notes, including my own.


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“Sorry, we can’t ship the Woot Cellars Phat Goose (5) w/ Gift Bags offer to that state.”

  • Massachusetts

Did something change? On the http://woot.wikia.com/wiki/Wine.woot wiki it says shipping is allowed to this state. Is this because it is close to the holidays it automatically rejects my request??


The wineries ship the product sold on wine.woot. To ship into a state, each winery must have a license within each state. Most can’t ship into MA. Here’s more information explaining why.


I, for one, am a little disappointed to see this show up a week after the initial sale with additional gift bags thrown in…


I’m guessing that the sales were not as robust as hoped for, so the deal was sweetened. I’m partly to blame for that. I usually max out on the woot holiday label wines and gift them all over, but this year’s offering was not up to the previous high bar. The wine has always been pretty good and is probably good this time. The label … not …
(sorry woot - gotta be honest)


I am usually a go on Woot Xmas time offerings because the labels are fun and make a fun gift. EHP, Blitzen, Twas, all good labels…but Phat Goose? Not something I want to give out :frowning:


I just had one on Saturday evening and here’s hoping it improves with time. It tasted really young with next to zero finish. I will have no problem letting them rest in the cellar. I wouldn’t gift these until next year for fear the recipient would open it too soon.

To be fair, the Twas is drinking awesome in my opinion, so maybe this has a chance down the road.


What if they threw in a Swatch watch instead of the gift bags?


Or a Chevy Volt.


Phat Goose in a little Volt!


So when it says get it by XMAS, anyone know the actual estimated arrive-by date?


xmas eve. most likely…


Is there anyway to postpone the shipment of the wine if we might not be home during the time that it is supposed to arrive?