Yukon Wake2 Night Vision Monocular

what the hell? Someone buy 30 of these!

Is this mountable on a rifle?

geez what junk

My dad has one of these and loves it. IIRC he paid substantially more than this amount. Nice deal. Might get one myself.

Perfect gift for your cycloptic loved one.

srsly? $120 for only one eye?

Ok, so this is REALLY cool and I want it. But what do people actually DO with these when they buy them?

What happens with your other eye?

$144 new on Ebay

Woot monkey on deck.

Gen 1 = Fail

its like being drunk and having a dim light on

nope, i beat you :slight_smile:

Wow, for 244.98 I can have a pair of … BINOCULARS!


pretty sure cat’s come with two of these pre-installed…

I’m hoping the next Woot will be a box of F5 Keys. Mine is worn down from a “refreshing” night here!

Hidden sex offenddinnggggg

Anyone else think kids.woot was selling bacon salt at first glance?

WWJD … Jack Bauer would get one of these!!

These would be cooler if they were monocles. It would match my villainous victorian velociraptor tshirt.