Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Drone w/ Case

I think i regret buying this. It arrived today.
It is missing parts, no props, no prop install tool, the upper foam case where props and manuals are stored is missing. The accessory box with the charging wires and cables is missing. The inside foam in the lower part of case has been busted and big chunks broken inside. The 4K camera was stuffed in the case in the wrong direction, i am no longer confident that it works.

BAsically I got a drone without props and all the things needed to fly it.

I have contacted customer service, I know its a refurb but this is bad, really bad and disappointing.

This is my second try. My first one had a hole in the case, missing a battery, the white 1080p camera instead of the 4k. Woot started the refund process easily. I just received my second one and the 4k camera doesnt do anything and the batteries are puffy. I’m currently trying to work with the manufacturer to get the 4k replaced and hopefully the batteries.

I had a swelled battery, camera lens broken, camera not able to connect, and 3 wires hanging off the side of the gimbal camera - waiting on customer service to get back to me.

Do they come with all the original accessories?

Sorry, this is sold out. The list of included items in at the bottom of the specs tab.

Just as an update: Yuneec was hard to get on the phone but the RMA process went easily for the camera. They are also going to replace the puffy batteries as well but they are currently out of stock in the US so no ETA when that will happen.