14” Queen Air Bed w/ Built-in Remote Control Pump

Remote controlled pump? sounds like hours of pranktastic fun

twice during woot off this has been here now.
ok guess different brand but not worth it

The Full size version was up for sale at midnight, but for the same price as this Queen size. I would have expected one to cost more than the other. Unless you don’t have enough space for the queen size, this looks like the better deal.

The other one was Full size, this is Queen.

14 inches?

If Woot’s going to try to put us to sleep I’d prefer some high quality pillows.

Got one, woot woot!!!

Would this work sort of like a do it yourself version of the sleep number bed? I wouldn’t mind saving a few grand.

This is am awesome post…and idea. Buahhahahaha


Waiting for the twin size…

It would be fun to mess with my guests when they’re trying to sleep, I suppose :slight_smile:

They’d be in another room [without line of sight], so I might need to convert from IR to RF-- maybe bluetooth with an iOS app? :slight_smile:

These are great for camping, truly roughing the great outdoors.

Can me and the Mrs. get intimate on this…? We are both normal sized humans…

Got Bad reviews last time on woot … http://deals.woot.com/deals/details/93b38abc-7165-464f-89f9-479e7f64cdd3/queen-size-airbed-with-built-in-pump-and-memory-foam-topper?sort=newest

Sure if your number is “69”

That’s up to you…have you asked your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex? If a bed is the only place you have ever contimplated having sex in it may be your mind that is not healthy enough for sex…

different model

Instead of “Cohesion” they should call this “Cohabiation”