5 Gallon Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Red

**Item: **5 Gallon Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Red
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My favorite shade of red… “Gas flavored”

Use this to get rid of warts?

I am never going to give up the old gas and diesel cans that I have that don’t have those horrible “safety funnels”. They are a real PITA, and only exist because some lawyers convinced a jury that everyone needs to be punished because a few very, very, very stupid people don’t realize that gasoline should not be poured on a burning fire, in spite of all the warnings that are molded into the cans.

I absolutely love this gas can. I bought it awhile back from a big box store and cannot recommend it enough. The lid is super tight, the funnel system is infinitely better than those cheap push-to-open pourers that have come on the plastic cans I have owned in the past, and the can itself is rock solid.

The only thing I can suggest about this can is if you’re lazy like me and have no desire to take off (or even touch) the funnel once it’s on there, maybe loosely drape a small piece of plastic over the top of the funnel after you use it. I leave the can in my shed and after I used it the first time, I put it on the floor and never thought about it again. When I needed it again a few weeks later, I noticed that small amounts of dirt and dust had settled in the funnel where the gas had flowed when I used it last. I wiped it clean with a paper towel so the dirt wouldn’t get in my mower, draped a small piece of plastic over the top of the funnel, and never had the problem again.

Hi. So far, I have never used anything other than those plastic rectangular gas cans. Do metal cans offer advantages over plastic or is it more just a matter of preference?

The lack of the infuriating idiot-proof spout that is intended to prevent spills, yet causes me to spill more than I would with just a tube.

Yes. The nanny state has decried that all new gas cans have a nonfunctional safety devise on them and this can gets around that to a certain extent. Plus gas will last longer in this can because crappy ethanol absorbs water from the air and this can seals better than plastic.

I’m guessing that once I buy this, there’s no return?

in for two 5 gallon cans and one 2.5 gallon can - perfect for lawn mowers and chainsaws, all in one order!

Made in USA!

One obvious advantage to these is that they can contain hot liquids. In our case, we use them to catch ludicrously hot waste oil from our deep fryer at the end of a day. It can then be allowed to cool in its own sweet time.

The cap is very tight, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them for gasoline.

These cans are awesome. Exponentially better than crappy plastic gas cans with infuriating spouts. I highly recommend getting one (or more) of these.

I was a little disappointed in this. I get free gas due to spending way too much money at the grocery store, Giant Eagle, and it’s per gallon discount so obviously when it’s $0.00 grab all you can, right? But is it fun filling your gas tank with by holding a 30 pound tank awkwardly with arms extended and feet pulled back to avoid gas on your waist-down as you splash it into a funnel poorly designed for the task? Not in my experience. But ooh, nice metal can with a built in funnel, sounds like it would solve those problems! And it does, to a point… but because of the set angle of the funnel when attached to the tank, you of course lose flow rate as it begins to empty and then, I believe, can’t get the last bit out. I tried forcing the angle to pour the last of the gas out of the tank, and the funnel popped off, which didn’t help with the whole cleanliness thing. Ended up using the external funnels to finish up so… if I’m an idiot let me know or something. But it was a let down otherwise.

you convinced me… I’m in for one for me and my getting older Father.

THIS is the solution to the spring loaded gas can nozzle that the govt has forced on to all gas cans.

These are normally about 45 bucks.

I have one, for 33shipped this is a no brainer back up

Advantages of this can over the plastic ones are all dependent on your application. If you can pour straight down (like into the top of a lawnmower) they work fairly well. But If you need to get fuel into a vertical or nearly so (like most cars) fill tube, the attached funnel design can be difficult.

Regardless of what type of can you use, if you plan on storing fuel for any length of time, go to this website: http://pure-gas.org/ and find a place that sells gasoline without ethanol in it. As someone alluded to earlier, the ethanol picks up moisture from the environment much more readily than actual gasoline does. It turns out that water in your fuel is a bad thing, whoever woulda thunk it? This moisture is the cause of most small engine problems.

Add some Sta-bil to it as well and you should be good to go.