5 Gallon Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Red

**Item: **5 Gallon Galvanized Steel Gas Can, Red
Price: $27.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $21 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day
Condition: New

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8/12/2013 - $28.00 (Woot Plus)

I’ll stick with milk jugs

TONS of pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Let’s learn more on the product page

Here is some OSHA info and safety tips

Would this be better for storing gas for my generator? or would a plastic/poly container be better?

Fuel would have stabilizer in it, ethanol free, and replaced yearly

I have two plastic gas cans, and don’t like them. Though, don’t mind the small one so much. Get a metal one if you need one.

On a different note, weren’t these cans made in the USA? Perhaps missed it in the description…

Yes, under the Specifications Tab is states: Origin USA.

As a footnote my local hardware store has these metal cans at more than twice the Woot price. Think that means I will just have to purchase 2 cans from Woot today.

Oh, and on those plastic cans, I don’t even understand how the newer vent-less ones are legal. I should state that if you leave the plastic type in the sun get ready to suddenly become deeply concerned as the can will quickly appear pregnant.

buying one to replace a plastic 5 gal with the new spout designed by some government committee ‘protecting’ us

I have one of these already, and in for three more. Good, solid design. The “hole and funnel” pouring system looks dodgy, but it’s great and doesn’t leak, unlike every plastic gas can I’ve had in the past ten years.

Those things are INFURIATING. I bought a 1 gallon can to hold oil mixed gas for the weed whacker I bought off Woot recently. The weed whacker holds roughly 8oz of gas and the rest of the gallon leaks all over the ground and my feet while attempting to keep that child/adult/everyone-proof spout pushed in.

These fuel cans are about the best thing available for business and home use alike for compliance with fire regulations and OSHA regulations.

I’m used to paying a lot more, plus a whole lot more in shipping. This is an absolutely amazing deal.

I tried 2 or 3 of the new ventless containers and tossed them after leaking gallons of gas on the ground. Now I use the “racing-approved automotive fluids” containers sold by Amazon and Cabelas. They may technically be illegal, but I no longer spill any gas on myselg or the ground or the equipment I’m refueling.

I recently purchased this gas can. The only issue I have is the gasket for the top to stay sealed peeled of and I had to get a new gas proof gasket and install it. Works wonderful now with no gas seapage. Best gas can I have.

NOOO, I bought two when I meant to buy three!!! Woot Staff Please tell me how to get three and not just two!!!

Help me Thunderthighs, your my only hope!

TT can’t up your order and although I have tried a few times, service@woot has never adjusted an order quantity for me. Your best bet is to buy another one in a separate order and beg for a shipping credit, but I don’t expect you’ll have much luck with that either. At least you’ll have your three cans, though…

Cool. Nostalgia coming on strong! Real metal gas cans! I remember these growing up.

'Makes me wish we didn’t already have a pile of bloaty plastic 6-gallon ‘cans’ with the vent caps that break off their tabs, making them easy to lose.

Speaking of plastic gas cans, what ever happened to Rubbermaid gas cans? They seem to have stopped selling them. Do we have our loving paternal government to thank for that?

Or is it that Rubbermaid has generally sucked since they hooked up with Newel and diluted their focus with Graco? Remember when Rubbermaid was an innovative company? Now they are an also-ran piece of a conglomerate. Newel could learn something from GE on how to manage a conglomerate.

If you use milk jugs to store gasoline, it WILL stick to the ground. I learned the hard way that gasoline dissolves the plastic in a milk jug; makes a gooey sticky mess.