Amazon Fire HD 8" (2018) 32GB Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8" (2018) 32GB Tablet

It’s my understanding these things are so cheap because they’re software limited - the tablets themselves have ads on them and such.

My question is, can you install /any/ apk that you would be able to install on any other tablet? I’m mostly looking for a comic reader that will let me read my marvel unlimited and DC access apps, and a standalone Comic Screen app. I can live with ads (old comics used to have them anyway :wink: ).

They are limited. However you can sideload Google play which will give you access to most missing apps. The ads are really not that intrusive.

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Does this have 32GB of internal storage, as described in the title? Or 16GB of storage, as listed in the description?

It’s 32GB. We’ve update the features. Thanks for the callout

The description doesn’t say anywhere if these tablets have “special offers” (ads) or not. Do they?

What do you mean by ads?

I bought one on Woot on July 13. After a couple of days of hacking it now looks like this:

It’s now running Nova launcher and you’d never know it’s a Kindle Fire.


“Ads” is a short form of the word Advertisements. Amazon puts them on the lock screen and (usually) charges you to remove them.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be checking this discussion throughout the day.

You want the Amazon Safetynet to fail.

I get sideloading Google services (and have done it on my Fire tablets), but what in the world is the benefit of rooting it?

That would make at least half of my streaming video apps block the tablet. Kinda makes it worthless as a media consumption device. The Amazon launcher really isn’t THAT bad.

It becomes a full-fledged Android tablet for 40 bucks. And you can defeat the blocking by installing an app.

SafetyNet isn’t an Amazon thing, but that’s not the point. :wink:

Out of curiosity, how does the ROM scene look for this tablet? Are there versions of Oreo or Pie?

It isn’t already a “full-fledged” Android tablet?

I’m not going to do it one way or the other, but I really don’t see what you can do on a rooted Fire tablet that you can’t do on a stock unit with a bit of simple sideloading. It seems like it’s a bit of a “because I can” sort of thing, instead of actually providing some tangible benefits.

What app successfully hides root? I’ve tried several on my GPD XD, but apps like ESPN see right through them.

It’s trivial to install Google Play on Fire Tablets just like this.

Nova Laucher will make the UI feel just like using an Android device.

The LaucherHijack APK was recently banned by Amazon, but they did it in the hackiest way possible.

Amazon just literally banned any APK using the word “LauncherHijack” in the file name. If you download “LauncherHijack.apk” and change the name to “FireMakerBetter.apk” it works just fine.


I have one of these. They’re overwhelmingly fine.

You’ll be frustrated at how slow it runs sometimes. But then remind yourself “It was $40”.

This is probably the best tablet you’ll ever get for $40. Once it’s running and focused on a single app, it’s pretty good.

If you want to swap between apps and get a full day of work out of it you’re going to be pissed pretty regularly. But again, it’s $40.

For a tablet with real specs you should be paying closer to $200.

XDA Developers probably has more ROMs though.

However if you are a prime member for about a year, you can contact CS and complain lightly and they will remove the ads for free.

I have a Fire 10, I did not pay for it. It’s so slow and Amazon’s own apps suck so much for it. The twitch app is pure garbage (dropped frames, chat doesn’t work often) that why even bother.

I feel your pain so much here. Kindles are really only good at one thing and are terrible at everything else.

I bought this Fire 8 from Woot and it arrived a week ago. I have tried several ways to install google play. The above way is the 1st one that worked. Thank You.