Apple iPhone 7 (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 7 (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Not the best deal we’ve seen on iPhones lately. Furthermore the reviews on Amazon for this seller are pretty iffy. A lot of reports of the phone not being truly unlocked, not compatible with Verizon and several phones arrived still locked to the previous owner’s account. That’s all very worrisome.


Need the sub-model number (A1660 etc) to check this on


Item description says

Note: These phones are unlocked to work with GSM and CDMA networks.

So it’s gotta be the A1660.

Yeah but read the reviews in the amazon link. There’s a bunch that explicitly state the listing is wrong and these don’t work on Verizon.

Boost sells them for $140/170. The plus $190/240.

Those are locked to Boost.


Point is, you’re going to end up using the phone on some service. So don’t assume the price here is the wootiest, but check the intended service you’ll be using for their price on a particular phone. For me, it’s Boost. That concept is not so complicated.

So if you get a different model that’s not CDMA and GSM unlocked, Woot will make it right. No risk transaction here, innit.

Concerns me that the listing does not say “no water damage” and does not list the carriers with which this phone will work. I am specifically looking for Verizon on the list of carriers.

Well, I think Narf’s point is a network locked phone has less value than a fully unlocked, network independent phone. Check Swappa, eBay and CL and you’ll see the difference in price. The A1660 will always be the highest value because it will work with virtually every carrier and most MVNOs.


It appears the memory could be 32, 128 or 256.
How does one know what they are getting?

You make your selection during the order process.

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This is an Apple 7, but did you guys ever have the old Apple 3.14?

It was really sweet…


Personally I always liked Apple '95

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So, does anyone know which model this is?

Buyer beware! I bought one of these 2 weeks ago only to discover that it is not capable of using mobile data! It can call and use WiFi… and that is it. After 4-5 hours at ATT Store and trying to get in touch with customer service here I am going to have to make a return.


(I know both Sprint and Verizon requires phones to be whitelisted before being able to to be used on their Network, so I wonder if that’s why some of the activation issues are coming from.)

Where is the vendor information? I’m blind and/or missing some link.

Agree. Not a boost customer but those people I’ve spoke with who are Boost users find them working pretty well where Sprint has coverage. More info here.

It says they’re fully unlocked for both GSM and CDMA. That covers literally every carrier, so no worries there.