AR EcoFicient Surge Protector

**Item: **AR EcoFicient Surge Protector
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Here is a 5 star review from HHGREGG and a 1 star from Amazon

Check out some more info on the product page

That 5 star review isn’t much of a review, and the page shows the model to be discontinued, which is not usually a good sign.

Here’s another positive review for the product (or, a similar one), with a positive comment beneath it.

Given that it sounds like an advertisement, I perused the reviewer’s other published articles. He’s spoken on a wide array of electronics, conveying a variety of opinions.
Seems clean to me.

Edit;; Whoops! XD Forgot the link!

Why do they continue to allow people who have obviously never used an electronic device in their lives to design surge protectors? Where do they honestly expect the huge plug heads to fit?

Something fishy is going on…I can’t find a single picture of the power cord or plug head for these units. Does anyone know if this stupid thing has a normal plug head, or is it angled, twisted, deformed in some way? WHY ARE THERE NO PHOTOS OF IT IN THE WILD?!?

any reason why this wouldn’t work on my tv, speakers, appletv?

I wouldn’t plug an AppleTV into a managed outlet. AppleTV goes to sleep, it doesn’t shut down. The managed outlets kill power altogether to the device. Same for satellite/cable DVR. They go to sleep so they can still record your shows.

But you could plug your TV into the controller, and your stereo/speakers into the managed outlets, and then all you have to do is turn off the TV and everything else goes off.

I have a few managed power strips at work, and I use my desk lighting as the controller. I switch off my desk light and all my monitors on that side kick off, along with my coffee maker. They’re handy. I used to have 6-7 switches to hit each morning and evening, now I only have two (two desk lights, two eco power strips).

Put all your home electronics (including that countertop microwave) on surge protectors of some kind. Your electronics will live longer lives. We used to go thru a microwave a year (all the brands) until doing this - now the same one is going strong 7 years.

But why not real pics of the surge protectors? Those spartan pics look like CAD prototype drawings. Makes it difficult to see details, where the power cord is attached, etc…

Not sure why they bothered with the 6 plug model when the only difference is two recepticles (& corresponding joules) and $5. Even the physical size is identical.

Price looks good for a decent quality surge protector.

Interesting distinctive design. Acoustic Research (AR) used to make really nice speakers back in the 50’s/60’s - Perhaps it became a rent a brand after various owners.

@klanix, question 2: into the widely spaced receptacles that are also arranged in two opposed banks.

Phew! From the thumbnail, I thought this was a cassette tape!

(and I think the people discussing the plug orientation are talking about how the unit itself plugs into the wall, not how devices plug into it)

@bnbsouthworth, the above question clearly refers to plugging things into the surge protector.

I wonder if this can be mounted under my desk? I have another similar eco/green surge protector that has mounting holes on the bottom which allows me to keep all my cables off the floor.

@beaverbandit, nice thought but the dearth of real photos of the item makes it impossible to see such details. And the text makes no claims either.

But of the probably 10+ surge protectors we have in our home (yah, I know whole house surge protectors are available but they don’t protect electronics from other unruly stuff on the same circuit), virtually all have screw head holes in the back.

Does anyone know the clamping voltage/let-through of this protector? I refuse to buy anything that clamps above 160v. I have APC and Tripp Lite protectors that meet this criteria.

Oh, we do have samples after all. I’m sitting with one now so ask away.

Current questions with iPhone pics:

WALL PLUG:: Flat, low-profile, space saving. Whatever you want to call it.

MOUNTING: Yes, it has two + shaped holes for mounting in any direction.

Please keep in mind that eco protectors like this one are often more of a hassle then they are worth. As long as the person using it understands how to use it, that is fie, but a lot of people get eco protectors without realizing it and think they have broken devices.

Nice. Thanks! In for two. The speakers connected to my bedroom TV use a bit of power and the switch is located in the back. Plus the power light is pretty bright. This will power-off the speakers nicely when the TV is off.