Ask Woot! Anything: Woot! Leadership Team


Welcome to our fifth and final week in the “Ask Woot! Anything” series where we yank staffers from anonymity and put them in the forums with you to answer questions! Nothing is off limits! That doesn’t mean we’ll answer everything. A little bit of mystery is good in a relationship, right?

So gather up your questions. Warm up your typing hands. We’re ready for you! Well, we’ll be there anyway.

:spiral_calendar: Date: Friday, May 22

:clock2: Time: 2-3pm CT

:desktop_computer: Where: Right here in this thread

If you are Time Zone Challenged like me, here’s a handy dandy chart:

Zone Begin End
PT 12pm 1pm
MT 1pm 2pm
CT 2pm 3pm
ET 3pm 4pm


Well, you! And these brave souls from our Woot! Leadership Team:

@mkstew - Chief Executive Officer
@iamnero - Chief Technology Officer
@PurpleRain08 - Chief Marketing Officer
@misterburns - Chief Financial Officer
@vtalada - Chief Merchandising Officer

These are the people that make the decisions, control our money, decide what we update, and were we get more wooters, and more.

See you then!


Hey, I am Nero, the new Woot! CTO. I participated in the one of the earlier Ask Woot Anything events with the dev team. I’m excited to join the leadership team to answer all your burning questions. However, it’s important you disregard anything that @misterburns answers. He’s a known miscreant.



It appears leaders don’t follow directions about doing introductions. Sigh.


Thank you @iamnero

Let’s get started.

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How do you decide what goes into each BoC?

My question – will somebody PLEASE give TT a raise? Whatever she’s making now… double it. At least.


Hi, this is Purple Rain and yes that means I am a huge ‘all things’ Prince fan. Had the chance to live in Minneapolis and actually attend multiple concerts including his after hour performances at Paisley Park. I have the fun honor of leading the marketing org at Woot! and it is the best job ever - awesome team, customers and it never hurts when you have Thunder Thighs as the best Forum moderator on the planet on your team. Excited to interact with all of you!

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We close our eyes. Tap our heals, spin 3 times and hope for the best disappointment possible.


I whole-heartedly second this

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@PurpleRain08 what time period were you in Hershey?

We had our engineering team build a random number generator that maximizes frustration, disappointment, and very occasionally joy.

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Why do people run inside when it rains at the beach?

Blind folded and hope for the best!

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Hey, Nero – how’s the new job going? Does the ghost of @wajeremy haunt your every step? Did you take over his cereal bar?

I’ve met @MisterBurns (and his little dog too!) He seems like a pretty chill dude

What is your secret to get woot staffers to follow your lead?

And of course, half of leadership is MIA.


She is the best!


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