Black Max 2700 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Bought last time around, working well so far. Only problem I had was due to unit being shipped with oil in engine crankcase instead of in a bottle. It was evidently tipped during transport. Box arrived oil soaked.

Air cleaner was also soaked with oil, had to replace filter element. After doing that and refilling the engine oil, it fired right up.

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MIne from woot works fine, minus the small part that allowed oil to leak during use to be repaired. I too had a “tipped unit” during transit, and was oil soaked. Otherwise, great unit, and the quick connect nozzle is a great invention.

$299 at Sam’s club,new.

I encouraged one of my friends to sign up with Woot and the very first item he purchased was this pressure washer. He telephoned me to tell me how happy he was with the washer and with Woot.

The last time I spoke with him he told about how much time and effort the washer is saving him these days. He last used it to shut down his swimming pool, wash down the patio surface and patio furniture and he uses it all the time to wash his cars and the drive way. On top of that, he saved about $100 by buying from Woot.

Bought this model at Sams. Liked the idea is had a Honda motor. However,it only lasted one season. Sounded like the piston in there was hitting metal until it just died. Had plenty of oil.

You’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “Do I really have a need for a pressure washer?”

“I mean, sure, I could power wash the siding . . .”

Then a month later, after refinishing a deck, washing your car, and cleaning the aforementioned siding, you find yourself writing love notes to your spouse on your mold-covered driveway.

Some pretty bad reviews on Amazon…

I was thinking about buying this model, but decided against it. The engine (Honda) is pretty good. The rest of the unit (specifically the pump) is not-so-grate-akshully. If you have gentle use, and take good care of it, it may last. The warranty and repair support is basically nonexistent, so if something goes wrong you are on your own.

Three things that I’ve discovered can keep these small engine driven tools alive. First: either use an ethanol treatment in the gas (petrol for those with a UK bent) or use TruFuel or RecFuel if it is sold in your area. These are ethanol free fuels. The TruFuel is sold at HomeDepot and Lowes. I use it in my blower and line trimmer and have noticed much easier starting and they seem to run better. Ethanol is killer to small engines.

Second: Run these engines every few weeks, even in the winter. I used to run them out in the fall, but even then I had a few that refused to start in the spring due to gumming and varnishing in the carburetor. Running them every so often seems to help that.

Third: for pressure washers I’m now using Pump Saver when I don’t plan on using it for a while. It isn’t very expensive and has been (fingers crossed) keeping my current pressure washer happy.

I purchased this model a year ago and have used it hard. Everything possible has been added to the tank from soaps to insecticides. Makes a great tree and lawn sprayer, took mold off the roof and walkways and prepped concrete patios and walls for paint. I used reasonable care in flushing the feedline and using good octane fuel. About 60 hours runtime on the motor, most of it working not warming up or at idle. It has more than paid for itself over a rental as well as just having it there when something annoying pops up. Florida with mold, and algae that grows overnight; who wants that tracked inside the house. I do spray the high concentrate bleach onto the wet surface using a sprayer. No reason to try and kill the pressure washer.

If you live in Seattle, a pressure washer is your best friend for clearing moss and mildew from driveways, sidewalks, siding and gutters. What kills the home pressure washer is failure of rubber gaskets on the water pump. That’s why the third item (from above) should be your first purchase.

Nope. When you go to their website and look for authorized service centers, there are none. You have to call them. So, if this thing arrives defective (and it looks like this happens quite often), you have to get it to an unknown service center. and you don’t know where that is.

Well here is an issue I received my unit with a broken handle right out of the box. I contacted Woot they said to contact Black Max for Warranty repair. Black Max is saying Woot is not an authorized seller so no warranty at all. Even thought it said 1yr warranty on the Woot purchase page. Cost me $12 and my time to order part and fix the handle now. Now what Woot???

Sorry for the trouble. :expressionless: I’ve forwarded your info along; you should get a reply soon.

I recieved my pressure washer and unboxed it to find it had a broken trigger handle contacted WOOT who refered me to a company called TTI that handles the warranty who in turn referred me to the manufacture who told me they only cover sales from SAM’S CLUB and that WOOT was not authorized to re-sell their pressure washers. this = I’m not happy!

I’m definitely sorry about that, I’ll be asking around to see if we can help you ourselves.

EDIT: I talked to the buyer & TTI. TTI will be covering warranty on this item and have worked with their CS team to make sure Woot customers get taken care of. You can call them at this number: 800-726-5760

I apreciate the quick response but I still have the same issue as this 800 number is to the Black Max service center, not TTI. I have already talk to the people at Black Max and they are adament about they only support units purchased from Sam’s Club. Is there a number for TTI?

I don’t feel super great putting a personal phone number in our forums, so I PM’d you our rep’s info, you can get to that here. Please PM me back if you still have no luck with him and I’ll start harassing more people.